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Posted 9 September 2022

Gerry Lopez 8ft Surfboard £35.96 @ Glasgow Costco

In store: Glasgow · Costco Deals
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Hi Surfers,
Surf the waves away with this costco bargain. 🌊 〰️
Found at Glasgow costco this morning. Lots of stock.

Was £150 by the looks of it.


- Hand Shaped Surfboard

- EVA Traction Pad

- 3 Fin Set-up with Fin Boxes

- 8ft Dual Swivel Surf Leash

- Surfboard Volume: 73L
You will need a Costco membership to purchase this item.

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  1. Avatar
    I'd buy that just to bang on the wall!
    Got annoying neighbours
  2. Avatar
    I'm going to buy a VW and drive around with it on the roof. No reason just because
    lol, if i get one...thats what mine will be for…my mk1 golf. vintage roofrock unall (edited)
  3. Avatar
    Gerry Lopez is in two of my favourite movies! Big Wednesday (as himself) and Conan the barbarian ( subotai). I can't surf though! 😜
    You should check out the new doc about his life, really enjoyed it, The Yin and Yang of Gerry Lopez.
  4. Avatar
    Great for the planned conversion of my car to a catamaran (or failing that, glider)
  5. Avatar
    Not a lot of call for surfing in Springburn I guess? Could use as a sledge? (edited)
    Some great places to surf in Scotland.

    Springburn isn’t near the sea
  6. Avatar
    Someone buy a shedload and flog then on eBay. I'd gladly pay double the £35 plus postage, as I imagine, would others
    I would also
  7. Avatar
    perfect for faking my own death and getting the electric bill paid in full..
  8. Avatar
    Shame not this price online too. Need a cheap board for show purposes
  9. Avatar
    I wish I lived near
  10. Avatar
  11. Avatar
    Looks good
  12. Avatar
    Anyone know if this has been seen at the Manchester store at this price please
  13. Avatar
    Anyone seen these at any other Costco?
    Not sure about the price but saw surfboards at Costco Wembley last Saturday as my little one spotted them. (edited)
  14. Avatar
    Cracking price!
    If anyone sees in Birmingham let me know 🤞🏼
  15. Avatar
    I know it’s been raining a lot but jeeeez, people are getting ready for those floods!
  16. Avatar
    Finally a decent size ironing board
  17. Avatar
    Cracking deal - does anyone know if in Southampton store?...
  18. Avatar
    It's a foam board, great for beginners and small surf but not that strong.
    I'd definitely buy a load at this price though, awesome board for the price and if you're thinking of taking up the sport.

    Here's a couple of YouTube reviews...

  19. Avatar
    Well there's absolutely no reason I should buy this......but it seems like a bargain
  20. Avatar
    It's nice to see Gerry Lopez getting the credit he deserves in life.
  21. Avatar
    Bought one about 4.30 today. About 16 left when I got mine. Cheers O.P
  22. Avatar
    Carry one of these to the beach and you're guaranteed your hole!
  23. Avatar
    anyone found in Costco Watford?
  24. Avatar
    I would love one of these boards but we have no Costco where I live..