Get 2 Pairs of Designer Glasses from just £54 at Glasses Direct
Get 2 Pairs of Designer Glasses from just £54 at Glasses Direct

Get 2 Pairs of Designer Glasses from just £54 at Glasses Direct

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Order any frame from £79 and you can choose a free second pair.

You can then get a further £25 off your order of £79 or more using discount code: APR25 This means you can buy 2 pairs of Designer glasses, with prices starting from just £54.

Plus, there's also an offer for £20 off Transitions lenses and Polarised sunglasses tints


Useful info about understanding your prescription. Anybody used these people? Would be interested to hear some feedback. I think you also need the distance between your eye centres. Any expert comment would be much appreciated.

Glass size info
There are also numerical measurements to consider when you're choosing a pair of eye glasses. You can tell what size your current eye glasses are just by reading the numbers on the inside of the temples. These numbers are stamped on your glasses frame so that your eye doctor can copy them down and reorder new glasses that will be that size.

To read your personal numbers, take your glasses off and check the inside of either temple piece.Locate a series of numbers that are stamped on one of the pieces. The first number will be the numerical size of the lenses. The second number will be the size of the bridge, and the third number will represent the length of the temples. These numbers are not permanent. That is, they will change as the shape of your face changes due to aging, weight loss, weight gain, et cetera.

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Another useful guide here:-

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My current glasses are from here. Took a bit of a punt but very pleased with the glasses. No problems at all.

Hot, thanks

When you goto link and click onto 2 for 79 pound, are all of them 79 for 2, just that alot are more expensive and not listed as 79?
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Select a pair of glasses from our exciting Designer Outlet for £79 or more and receive ANOTHER pair of designer glasses FOR FREE. That’s two designer pairs from just £79
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