Get £20 Accessories Voucher FREE when Ordering Online @

Get £20 Accessories Voucher FREE when Ordering Online @

Found 12th May 2008
Okay this is my first deal here so go easy! =)

I was on the Three website there and noticed that they have a 'Live Support' section. Now I clicked it for a laugh and sure enough an MSN-esque like screen appeared and I was talking to a real person.

Here's the clever part, after talking over a deal she give me a code to knock £20 off of any accessories! Try it and see, not a MAJOR deal but £20 is £20!

By the way I didn't sign up to anything she just give me the voucher to use IF I wanted.


This code has been around the internet for a long long time - no need to talk to anyone you just input it.
Good reminder though I suppose

Original Poster

My bad. :oops:


My bad. :oops:

nah m8

Look at it this way - you've probably reminded people who have forgot about it and would have lost out on 20 quid if you hadn't posted!

Always find the positive!!

so whats the code then or am i missing something here
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