Get £40 off the all new Kindle Paperwhite £69.99 at Amazon

Get £40 off the all new Kindle Paperwhite £69.99 at Amazon

Found 29th May 2014
Just received an email from Amazon containing a promotional code for £40 off the all new Kindle Paperwhite.
Seems like a fantastic deal for the standard bearer of ebook readers.
Codes seem to be one time only and have only been sent to certain Amazon users (possibly Prime subscribers) so check your emails.
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I have Prime and have not received an e-mail, not sure why this is cold though. It's a great price for anyone who is eligible.
Excellent price if you receive the £40 off code.
Its vary. I received £30 off. It depends how valued each amazon customer are to them.
I m not prime customer.
So if you get an email your are aware of the deal and are one of the "lucky ones".

The rest of us can simply look on, shivering in the cold and rain wishing we were valued customers?!

A good price but not a deal in my eyes.
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not hot if its only limited to prime members?
Great deal - hope I get an email.
I got an email yesterday offering £20 off the paperwhite so the deal seems to vary per person
Even if you are not Prime customer, somebody who has Prime may be able to buy this deal for you, so it's worth letting people know to give them that opportunity.

Now this is posted and I am aware of it, I (not Prime) am able to ask a couple of my Prime customer friends if they can get this deal for me.

So, thank you for posting this, a good example of how HUKD can really work well! Heat added.

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got the £30 off email not a prime member
I gt a £20 off email, ad I'm not a prime member. Unfortunately I saw the email only after the closing date of 11th June...
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