Get 5 Free DVD rentals and £10 for nothing
Get 5 Free DVD rentals and £10 for nothing

Get 5 Free DVD rentals and £10 for nothing

My first posting. I saw this on the train on my way home.

Get 5 Free DVD rentals and £10 for nothing.

UK's widest range - 62,000 titles
Free postage (both ways)
Keep them as long as you like
No late fees. No obligations
No minimum contract - cancel when you like
ALL new customers are eligible for 5 FREE rentals, absolutely free. And we'll even give you a tenner for signing up and trying our service. If you decide LOVEFiLM is not for you, all you have to do is cancel your membership and return all DVDs before the end of the trial, and you won't be charged anything.


They must be getting desperate to give a tenner away!

Welcome to the forums winky I added that piccy to your post.


Thanks for this winky and Welcome to hukd's from me too :santa:

A word of caution on this. They have a history of signing people up, then not being forthcoming with the rebate/money off vouchers that they and Screenselect, (another reincarnation of Lovefilm), have offered. Forget about chasing them up -it's hopeless.

Going to cancel, they sometimes haven't processed returned discs quickly enough, taking people into an extra rental month -which is charged to your credit card and you have a nigh on impossible task to get it rebated.

I posted my experience here and you can read others and search other threads for more info:


A much better prospect in my opinion is Amazon rentals - between £4.99-£9.99 per month. Quick, efficient and you get 10% off all your DVD purchases from them as well:thumbsup:

If you go for this (personally i wouldn't as Lovefilm are crap) then go through quidco for £13.50 cashback.

Spotted this in the train today

Thanks winky !
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