Get £50 each for Free Insulation & Referring  Others @ British Gas

Get £50 each for Free Insulation & Referring Others @ British Gas

Found 22nd Feb 2012
Free Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation.
Free £50 cash if you refer friends & family: Until 15 May 2012

Source - Money Saving Expert:

British Gas is offering £50 cash to anyone that refers an elderly person or someone on qualifying benefits to get free insulation.
Plus the household installing the insulation also gets £50.

Neither of you have to be British Gas customers and you can refer as many people as you like to get £50 each time.

To get the cash the person needing the insulation must call 0800 975 1195. They should include the name and address of the referrer so their cash can be sent to them.

The cash will be paid by cheque 30 days after the installation has been completed. Though bear in mind the installation process can take some time.

Free insulation is subject to limits on coverage depending on the type of property. Insulation installations that require insulation beyond these limits will be chargeable.

You can only get it if British Gas can insulate a minimum of two-thirds of the available loft space (when applied to the whole loft surface area) or available cavity wall space (when applied to the whole house).

For loft insulation the offer only applies where the thickness of existing insulation is less than 60mm. Not all homes are suitable for loft and/or cavity wall insulation. The offer excludes the cost of scaffolding, vents and any specialist equipment if they're needed.
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That seems like an AMAZING deal. I can see that getting misused....

..(runs off to look for pensioners)
Not easy to find someone who ticks all the boxes.
Only applies to privately rented or owned properties, not council or Housing Association (who get it free anyway).

It has to include at least 2/3 of the loft being insulated, so no good if your friend/relative lives in a building with more than 1 resident (ie. flats).

There's not many on benefits who are not in social housing and are not in a building which is shared with other flats.
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