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BT Employees Only: Get 50% off Samsung Fold 4 £824 / Flip 4 £499 @ BT Shop

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

As above just need to log in with BT account to See the 50%

also you qualify for the watch and accessory bundle free

1 per employee

Info added by @PD2K79

Retailer Reviews

TrustPilot - Rated Great

Claim - Galaxy Watch 4

Buy a qualifying Samsung Z Flip4 or Fold4 from a participating retailer between 30th September - 31st October 2022 to be eligible for a Galaxy Watch4 LTE 40mm Silver (SM-R865FZSAEUA) or Galaxy Watch4 LTE 44mm Silver (SM-R875FZSAEUA).

Claims must be submitted within 60 days of the purchase date. Claims are limited to 4 per household and 100 per business. Full Terms apply.


Stands out. Stands up. Unfolds.

Does a lot in one hand with its 6.2-inch Cover Screen. In both hands, the 7.6-inch Main Screen makes it your ultimate do-more device. And when you need to go hands-free, simply set it down, find a good angle and leave it there while you get more done.

Give your back button a break

Whether toggling between texts or catching up on emails, take full advantage of the expansive Main Screen with Multi View. PC-like power in your pocket transforms apps optimised with One UI to give you menus and more in a glance.

Immersive, impressive

Now you can really get into the zone. Pushed-back bezels plus an even more camouflaged Under Display Camera on a breathtaking 7.6-inch Infinity Flex Display means there's more screen than Galaxy Z Fold3 and no black dot getting between you and your favourite games.

The cheat code for smoother gaming

Swiping through the newsfeed or gliding through games, it all flows smoothly on the 120Hz display. This refreshingly responsive screen even adapts the refresh rate to optimize the view for you

The first foldables that can take on water

Be adventurous, rain or shine. You don't have to sweat the forecast when you've got one of the world's first water-resistant foldable smartphones.

Prepared for impact

From the inside out, Galaxy Z Fold4 is made with materials that are not only stunning, but stand up to life's bumps and fumbles. From the glass to the metal, these are the toughest Samsung Galaxy foldables ever.

Pro-grade Camera that stands on its own

With the upgraded Rear Camera, Space Zoom and Nightography, we're bringing a pro-level kit to the foldable form for the first time. Use the massive Main Screen as a viewfinder to flex your photo skills with new tech.

12MP Ultra Wide Camera
50MP Wide-angle Camera
10MP 3x Optical Zoom Telephoto Camera
4MP Under Display Camera
10MP Cover Camera

Shots in the dark hit different

When action-packed days turn to action-packed nights, details stay clear after dark. Advanced OIS and VDIS smooth out video while Super Night Solution limits noise — all for stunning low-light clips begging to be replayed.

It's never too late for great portraits. Galaxy Z Fold4's rear cameras use innovative hardware and software that work together to bring more light to low-light photos. From dusk to dawn and beyond, a powerful processor gives an intelligent boost of color and clarity to every shot.

Nail the details

With the 50MP Wide-angle Camera, even quick snaps are high-resolution masterpieces. Elevate depth and sharpness with Detail Enhancer, taking the best aspects of your shots and leaving blur behind.

Fold's best zoom, so far

Get closer to the action with 30X Space Zoom. The Telephoto Camera's 3x Optic Zoom teams up with Super Resolution Zoom to bring you closer to the action than ever before on a Fold.

Key Features

  • Stands out, stands up, unfolds
  • A new spin on slim
  • Finishes with finesse
  • Do more than more
  • Give your back button a break
  • Immersive, impressive

Trade in your old device

Got an old phone, tablet or smartwatch lying around?

When you trade in your old device at BT you can have the money transferred directly to your bank account - to offset your upgrade to the latest tech! Simply head to our Trade In site to find out more.

YouTube - Product Review

Help & Information

BT Shop More details at BT Shop
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  1. Avatar
    Works for ex employees too. Just hecked my old shop account and it shows 824
    same for me, now im thinking do i need one. Anyone finding the fold 4 too heavy as a daily phone?
  2. Avatar
    Anyone begging for an employee to help be careful of scammers, there is little reason anyone would do this favour for you as they could buy themselves and sell for a profit but someone could see this as an easy way to scam you out of your money e.g. "send me the cash and I will order for you"
    Not everyone is like that but agree be careful, not everyone is a money grabber, some don't mind helping others, there is more to life than money and things
  3. Avatar
    The fold sold out at 11 this morning so the title is misleading..
    How has this sold out still showing in stock .
    misleading comment
  4. Avatar
    Voted cold, NOT a deal for 99% of users of HUKD.
    What about Blue Light Card holder deals on here, do you do the same?
  5. Avatar
    Actually EE Staff get 75% of devices including apple . It's only the new EE,BT & Openreach staff that get 50%
    fairly sure the 75% is off the monthly price plan, so they'd go on a plan with a phone without any up front cost, they don't get to buy sim free at 75% off
  6. Avatar
    Anyones passed the security stage yet?
    Yeah same here, but it does that process with every order by the looks of it. Just hoping it doesn't get cancelled as I have ordered the Flip4 before using the same account.
  7. Avatar
    Does this apply to openreach staff too?
    It does. 
  8. Avatar
    Since when was staff discounts on HUKD?

    What’s next any McDonalds meal £1.99 for any employee?
  9. Avatar
    Wish I was an employee! Any other way of getting this deal???
    Getting a job with BT
  10. Avatar
    Am I missing something? Great deal but are we posting staff discounts now?
    Student discounts and staff discounts are posted. (edited)
  11. Avatar
    Beggar's Canyon right here.
    Have a look how many of the beggars have never posted a deal - I haven't checked yet, but it's a fun game amazing how many don't say please or thanks either usually.
  12. Avatar
    Please someone give me theirs if they don't need it. It's for my uncle's brother's son and he really wants to sell it on ebay for a profit ❤️
  13. Avatar
    Damn this is a steal, any employee here
    I’ve just ordered one lol
  14. Avatar
    How is this a deal when 90% of us can't get access. HUKD Admin need to take this down
    Not like them to mess up.
  15. Avatar
    Wow! Can a kind hukd member share a code with me? I'm not an employee
    You literally joined today to ask for a code, shame on you
  16. Avatar
    Damn. Extremely limited but crazy hot deal
  17. Avatar
    Crikey, shows what sort of profit is in them...
    These would be sold at a loss as employee benefits

    So no they aren't profiting if you seriously think they're selling a folding phone for £500 including 20% VAT at a profit , those cost manufacture alone would be higher let alone the R&D costs (edited)
  18. Avatar
    I'll buy one for someone if they let me keep the watch
    That’s okay. Can you help me buy one?
  19. Avatar
    Anyone got a spare please PM me
    Much appreciated
    Not as appreciated as the zero deals you’ve posted on here
  20. Avatar
    In order for the HUKD Admin to listen to us. We should all post deals what our employers can offer us and the remaining 99% users on this site can't get access to to!
    My work let me lease an m4 for £350 a month for 18 months via a scheme they had. Should have posted.
  21. Avatar
    Any BT employees want to help me out - could do with this phone
  22. Avatar
  23. Avatar
    Freezing cold ❄️
  24. Avatar
    Sorry guys, I don’t think we should allow posting company specific deals. At least the blue light deals apply to well over 1 million people across several organisations, and most people could become Costco members, or get on someone else’s account if they wanted to. BT and EE is too specific IMO. We don’t want everyone to start posting deals only available to their company or the value of this site will rapidly deteriorate.
    I understand your point, but BT is one of the largest employers on the UK with over 94000 UK employees
  25. Avatar
    I can order it for someone if I can keep the watch !
    Sent you personal message
  26. Avatar
    Hot Unobtainable Deals
  27. Avatar
    Voted cold because I'm jealous
  28. Avatar
    Looking z flip 4 if anyone can help with the bt account
  29. Avatar
    If anybody is an employee and not interested and would like to help, I would be interested.
  30. Avatar
    Any nice bt employee want to help me out?
  31. Avatar
    what a crazily limited deal so to get the discount you have to work for them?
    It also sold out last night anyway. There were 500 available
  32. Avatar
    Oh my days!!!
  33. Avatar
    I’m guessing any one who works for ee, plusnet, openreach as well ?
    Yes worked for me, (EE)
  34. Avatar
    What sort of favour? Huh?
  35. Avatar
  36. Avatar
    Pls DM ,if anyone interested to help
  37. Avatar
    Have Samsung ever sold anything at RRP? They're so funny.
    BT are selling it, not Samsung.
  38. Avatar
    Anyone from BT who can help me to order one fold 4 please
  39. Avatar
    Knew my employee discount will come in handy eventually haha
    Sure beats the normal 50p discount
  40. Avatar
    I work for BT part time and EE part time. Just ordered two! Get in!!!
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