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Posted 1 March 2023

Get 5GB For £6 Including Unltd Mins & Texts (£4.80 W/MultiSave) For Existing Customers Adding To Plan Via The MyO2 App (Select Accounts) @O2

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

I added this SIMO plan a few weeks ago to my tariff for my boy, and am now paying only £12.80 for this and my 60GB plan, so maybe worth a look if you need a second sim.

You need to access this via the offers page in the MyO2 app, Click on offers, then sim plans, and you will see the below MYO2 APP LINK

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  1. crazy_b's avatar
    Don’t get this yet, wait until after march then change to avoid 17% rise
    Niz's avatar
    This warning should just be auto added to every phone deal right now
  2. mystrd's avatar
    From O2s Twitter support when I asked for clarification regarding when the price increase will be applied @MrSwitch :

    "Hi Dev. Anyone joining or upgrading between 15/02/2023 and 22/03/2023 will have the RPI+3.9% adjustment applied to their April 2023 bill onwards. Any connections from 23/03/2023 will not have RPI+3.9% applied from April as it will already be applied to the tariff signed up to."
    gadgetcake's avatar
    Very useful, been waiting to find out what the exact date would be. 23rd March deals here we come!
  3. Ridvan10's avatar
    Good old o2 rip off
    Just got a message from them my plan Tariff is going up 17% from next month
    Surely that most be illegal
    Bestbitter's avatar
    It is legal, and probably what most carriers will be doing. I’ll be waiting until April, then changing my current deal through switch, hopefully for around my previous price, and with another 3 months free Disney+
    This was the message I got, which is in line with what I was told when I took out my current deal…
  4. jasper132's avatar
    I find o2 are horrendous for de-prioritisation (ie full mobile signal but no data at peak times), how do other networks compare? Does it depend on your tariff too? Never been able to find details on this
    MDL199's avatar
    O2 have the slowest/non existent data speeds of any network. Their masts are way over capacity and they can't cope so they throttle data to stop their joke network from crumbling. I couldn't even get 1mbs data speed in O2 - on ID mobile which used the 3 network I offer get around 60mbps (edited)
  5. pfpf's avatar
    i remember a long thread last year and confusion over when to start a new plan that then Wouldn't increase. is it now clear that its only after 1st April? taking a plan in march would incure the increase?
    seinman's avatar
    The cut-off is near the end of March. Connecting/re-contracting on April 1 will avoid the increase. (edited)
  6. mystrd's avatar
    6GB for £6 occassionally pops its head on USwitch/MSM but for now 5GB for £6 seems to be the best available deal. Heat added.
  7. Henno's avatar
    I'm already with o2, and out of contract and it's going up again in April.

    How can I take this offer and keep my number please? Also will this go up from £6 in a month's time in April?

    Thanks in advance
    عبدالله_اعبدرحمان's avatar
    When they say £6 a month means without VAT. With VAT I been paying £6.70 (crap), in April’s will put more price up and it will be £7.50 at least. I’ve just came off from O2 as I had 4 sim only deals with them. With in 1 year they out twice price up…now I’m with Lebara 12gb data u limited text and calls £2.99 for 6 months and then £6.90 and it’s monthly rolling ( no contracts) from MSE (money saving expert)
  8. Flying_Orange's avatar
    I got email that they are increasing prices by 13.74% so this deal is a honey trap.
    Reebok.Ron's avatar
    Depends whether you think you can find a better deal in April after the price rises. Otherwise this is a pretty good deal.
  9. mrTea67's avatar
    Im guessing that the data will get doubled if you have Virgin Broadband !
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Doesn't seem to work on the second Sim
  10. Bilal_HassandO0's avatar
    I would never go back to o2
    Smoggy1970's avatar
  11. villan57's avatar
    Just changed mine from £8 a month to £8 a month with more data, so I now have 60gig Data including volt instead of 40, last month I used 500MB of data 3.45 mins of calls and 3 texts. Overkill or what.  I mostly use WhatsApp and wifi 
    crazy_b's avatar
    You need to change to the same deal again end of march or 17% rise
  12. SIS's avatar
    Will this go up in April?
    sohailh1984's avatar
    Possibly, I'll be refreshing my tariffs in April once I can see what the actual new tariff prices are. Uswitch will hopefully have some decent offers
  13. bargain_daddy's avatar
    My o2 contact ends on 10th March . Should I wait until April to take up the offer?
    Reebok.Ron's avatar
    I doubt the offer will still be active in April because that's when the prices go up. They're trying to lure you in with this deal now knowing that it'll increase by 17.3% in April. So it'll be £7.04 after the price rise! And that's before VAT apparently. (edited)
  14. kapciuch's avatar
    You can get 30GB for £8 from same network...
  15. HotUKDuncan's avatar
    I'm on this deal now and pay £6pm they emailed saying I pay £12 and they are putting my bill up to over £14 in April that is a bit more than 17.3% fortunately it is also the end of my contract so I'll not be arguing with them.

    Oh and I get no data at all when in a large crowd so I'll not miss them.
    crazy_b's avatar
    That’s rubbish the £12 is an example if you read it properly .
  16. messi_the_best's avatar
    Can this be used as an Esim ?
    seinman's avatar
  17. jonk's avatar
    Can you use this to upgrade an existing contract, similar to uswitch offers?
    seinman's avatar
  18. ssjinzo's avatar
    Not in my offers on app or website (edited)
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Have added "select accounts" to title, cheers
  19. sohailh1984's avatar
    This not just the same as their family plan offer? I have mine as main, then my wife, mum and dad on my account, so they get 20% off their sim only tariffs.

    o2.co.uk/fam….ds (edited)
  20. LARDYBOY's avatar
    Can these be added when bought through 3rd party like uswitch ?
  21. Apollopayne's avatar
    Apart from EE, who would be the next best provider? O2 is so slow
    Bilal_HassandO0's avatar
    Depends on your area tbh, i would try vodafone, three can be blazing fast but coverage is very poor, o2 probably a bit better coverage wise and more consistent speed, but still depends.
  22. andyc1976's avatar
    I just upgraded my Galaxy Watch LTE e-sim plan from the standard £5 for 1GB to this.

    Even though O2 don't offer calls and texts on the watch tariff I'm interested to see if I can text and call from the watch number independently.

    Thanks @MrSwitch
  23. lynsaydyson's avatar
    Mine shows a tariff of 30gb for £8?
    Peter_Ma's avatar
    Isn’t that going up in a month?
  24. Izevel's avatar
    £2 more per month gives you 30GB data
  25. fyrewall's avatar
    £15 for me
  26. sully01's avatar

    Thanks (edited)
  27. Subey's avatar
    So if I've got a existing SIM plan I can change to this £6 one through the app? I thought this was like adding a new contract
  28. MDog0101's avatar
    What's the MultiSave discount and how do I get it?
    gadgetcake's avatar
    Only works if you are adding a second (or more) line : o2.co.uk/mul…ave
  29. boomish's avatar
    I’ve a terrible deal I got with my Virgin package, 5gb for £10 (doubled to 10Gb as a Volt customer) so this could be a great option if it works.
    I see an option for 20gb for £8, if however if I check the terms it says “This plan is only compatible for existing customers adding an additional connection to their plan. This plan is not compatible for upgrading customers”
    but if I go to the checkout it does give me an option to upgrade my existing number. But this seems to good to be true, I’ll get more data for less money 10Gb for £12 becomes 20gb for £8 ? or what I think will happen is the d8 will be an additional charge. Does anyone know?
    in April they are saying it’ll go up to £14 , O2 say I can’t leave but my Virgin letter which is also increasing in price says I can leave Virgin & O2. Am thinking of leaving the lot & going for rolling contracts only .
    Apreciate any advice 
  30. iGlad's avatar
    This is quite a poor deal when I’ve got 60GB with Volt for £8pm soon to be £9.60pm
    seinman's avatar
    Some people don't need loads of data so no point paying extra for it
  31. mystrd's avatar
    No longer on the app despite being there a few days ago...
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