Get a 12 month Tastecard and a free Avoca 7" tablet (delivered) for just £34.98!
Get a 12 month Tastecard and a free Avoca 7" tablet (delivered) for just £34.98!

Get a 12 month Tastecard and a free Avoca 7" tablet (delivered) for just £34.98!

Join tastecard again for only £29.99 annual membership and get a FREE Avoca Tablet (worth £99). This fantastic, exclusive offer SAVES YOU £149! Add £4.99 shipping too


When the tablet was released it was £49 at carphonewarehouse...

However £30 taste card Heat!

Seen another thread last week and comments suggest this offer is only valid for returning taste card customers for the free tablet with the code being "missyou14" and also says free tablet when you come back.

Whether they class yyu as a returning customer if you have taken a free trial or only as a paid 12 month customer

Plus £4.99 postage


Sorry guys I won't expire it but this is a dupe, posted @ the weekend if you look

So what if it is a dupe...I wouldn't have seen it otherwise

forgot to mention plus £4.99 for postage

Remember to phone up and cancel roaming renewal, after card expires, tastecard charge for another year, without saying so... A nasty £59.99 charge of my card!

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Plus £4.99 postage


forgot to mention plus £4.99 for postage

Thanks, edited.

Picked up this deal a few months ago not a terrible tablet worth £25 good for browsing the web or one for the kids


Already posted, somebody expire it

Still working...

Had a quick check and the closest place I could use the card in was 25 miles away.

Deal no longer working, Tastecard have now changed this to £55 incl postage...

Big con as when i order new taste card the deal was with tablet as this would be use to get codes and a great gift but no tablet as none left CON

I accepted the offer and received the Tastecard. However, there was a covering letter stating
"We are sorry to say that unfortunately our recent offer of a free 7" Avoca tablet has been oversubscribed and thus we are unable to send you a tablet.

We are really sorry about this and to apologise he have therefore:
Extended your membership by 6 months from 12 to 18 months and Added free access to Tastecard + to your membership (worth £24.99)"

Basically, this offer appears to have been a con. They never had the stock and have conned people into new memberships. They even had the cheek to charge £4.99 for recorded delivery of the tablet and then sent the card by second class post.

Extremely disappointed in Tastecard. And at the moment, Gourmet Society are offering a 3 month trial for only £1 !!

It doesn't seem to have been a con. My daughter applied at the same time as me but she received her Tastecard with a message that her tablet was on its way whereas I received the 'out of stock' message.
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