Get a Brand New DVD for Free
Get a Brand New DVD for Free

Get a Brand New DVD for Free

Fancy a completely FREE DVD? Choose from over 50 quality titles, including free postage and package. You just need to register with Free DVD Club, choose your favourite film and complete a short questionnaire. The DVD is sent to your home completely free the prefect freebie!


re-post but it is genuine as I have received 2 free dvd's through them (different addresses). Not the most recent of titles either, but the email address i used just for this hasnt received any spam.

Got one the last time this was posted. The DVD arrived within a week or two and i haven't had any email spam or junk mail either.

Yip got mine this week, Barry Normans film quiz or somrthing like that, Im gonna try and get another one, lol just submit a different addy.
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