Get a Brazilian wax for free in London worth £38 !

Get a Brazilian wax for free in London worth £38 !

Found 5th Dec 2009Made hot 6th Dec 2009
Top london salon Ministry of Waxing is full of the Christmas spirit. It's offering free Brazilian waxing service for the next few weeks - usual price is £38.

Ministry of Waxing is a brand new beauty salon in the heart of London's trendy South Molton Street. They have some of the best waxers in the world, who have come all the way from Singapore so you are guaranteed an expert service.

The free appointments are offered on a first come, first served basis, so you'd better be quick.

Free Brazilian waxing takes place every Sunday in December between 12 - 6pm on the following dates, from this Sunday (the 6th) until the Sunday after Christmas.
To be in with a chance of bagging a free appointment, call the salon directly on 020 7409 7343, and mention the words "Sunday Service".

PS: They're apparently not taking advance bookings so if you want to book, you need to call them on the thursday prior to the sunday you're hoping to go.

Good luck.


i'll give the girls a free brazilian too :thumbsup:

What a Pussy:w00t:

sorry, just having a crack

lol for the ladies me thinks strange but good offer i think rofl



great freebie - wish I lived in London. heat from me


great freebie - wish I lived in London. heat from me

I'll do it for you for FREE :evil::evil::evil:


I'll do it for you for FREE :evil::evil::evil:

cheeky ;-):giggle:

Might give em a ring and see if they want someone to video their very special sunday service...:oops:

Open to both Sexes? ;o)


Open to both Sexes? ;o)

Are you sure they remove everything.... :whistling:


Open to both Sexes? ;o)

Ohhhhhhhh. That must be against the Geneva Convention!

My cat (see avatar) is beautiful but he is always moulting. If I rang up and asked, do you think they would willingly wax my pussy? :giggle:

Back sack n crack anyone :w00t:

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You guys are incredibly witty ! loll! It's great how a simple offer can open people's minds like that!

Of course, it's a ripping good offer

Thanks for the heat & rep and Stay Blessed!

Excellent offer, but i live in south shields. So no good for me. Off topic but My kids are watching JOE for X factor perfom at there school (his old comp) in 15mins, i want to sneek in!!!:p

Hairdressers near me is offering Brazilian Blowdrys - I think that might be taking personal grooming a bit far ;-)

no more flossing then

what's a brazilian....any pics
do you end up like this?

Oh, that gotta hurt. Don't think I'd try that even if the paid me!

or a few others they could do for you...:w00t: 8-)

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OMG, what Pandora box have I opened...loll!
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