Get a Free Copy of The DFC !
Get a Free Copy of The DFC !

Get a Free Copy of The DFC !

"The DFC is a new weekly comic for kids, and whoever else wants to read it!

To get your free copy, just email your name and address, quoting "free postcard," to [email protected]thedfc.co.uk, and we'll post a completely free, no strings attached issue straight to your door!

Please note that it may take up to 6 weeks for your comic to arrive."


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"The DFC is the all-new weekly comic for children! Packed full of adventure, action, comedy and fiendish puzzles – the DFC is thirty-six pages of pure story enjoyment – with absolutely NO advertising!"

Free comic? excellent, just what is needed to stop the little terrors around New Year. Still like to know WHY it's been voted cold with no reason........ Surely it would be easy to implement a reason box when clicked that needs to be filled out. Some folk on here are such d&%£s!

Voted HOT!

applied thanks - and heat added - hope it warms up soon.


Thank you.

cheers :thumbsup:

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