Get a FREE Sample of Sweat Block

Get a FREE Sample of Sweat Block

Found 25th Aug 2008
The Sweat Block product has been formulated to effectively block the sweat gland, to protect against irritation and to soothe your skin. Because sweating is stopped at the source, the common body odor and staining that occurs from the chemical reaction of sweat and antiperspirants are eliminated!

UK is not on the list so put it in the region space
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Sorry, think i might expire this freebie what do you lot think?
Looks a bit suspicious to me.....not voting either way though :?
Me neither.
Which is a shame, because it looks like a good product
Think that because it does not have UK, that they do not ship here..... :?
it might have been an ok freebie if UK was there. Seems kind of strange that that is one of the only places it doesnt ship to
it says in small letters near the bottom '(Samples may be unavailable for some countries)'
going to expire it then, sorry you peeps :oops:
lol no prob
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