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Posted 31 August 2022

Get a Hydro 5 Razor for just £1 with newsletter sign up @ Wilkinson Sword

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Fill in the short survey on this site to get a Hydro 5 razor worth £7.50 for just £2.50 for P&P. Saves £5

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We’ve got Hydro 5 razors to give away to the first 10,000 Brits to sign up to our newsletter.

So if you want to get your hands on one, answer these 3 quick questions. If you qualify we’ll send you a Hydro 5 razor worth £7.50 for just £1.00 to cover P&P and an additional £1 for engraving if you want to personalise it.

This is a special promotion, just for new signups to our newsletter so we’ll send you an email with a link you’ll need to click to confirm your email address. Terms here.

Protect your wallet and your skin

The Hydro 5 is designed for incredible skin protection. And with our long-lasting blades, each shave costs less than £0.15!

So this offer is going to save you money in more ways than one. But we’ve got very limited stock, so put your name on one now before they are all gone!

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  1. Avatar
    Just put yourself as 18 and say you use gillette. You will be accepted

    also it is only £1 delivered or £2 to have engraved one delivered. Heat added (edited)
    Oh, you could have it engraved with Gillette
  2. Avatar
    Got mine also today, dont throw away that box and leaflet there is a £5 off hydro blades coupon.
    Thanks for helping everyone with this
  3. Avatar
    You have to apply. I got turned down. Now I need to also unsubscribe when their spam starts arriving. Avoid.
    Anonymous User
    I got accepted, and then decided not to bother - I use a razor on my bald head and used to use a Hydro 3 - unfortunately the metal that holds the blade in place has a folded metal corner which cut my scalp a couple of times, so binned it.

    Was only going to be charged £1 though - not the headline £2.50.

    Mach 3 at the moment, and about to try Asda's own brand razor at the moment which is significantly cheaper for blades. (edited)
  4. Avatar
    Fine here and ordered, thanks!
    Did get an error paying using Paypal but fine using the card that Paypal was going to use
  5. Avatar
    I use these with a razor pit sharpener and literally get at least 3 months of daily shaving out of one cartridge.
  6. Avatar
    Use this info:


    Use this link to bypass the qualification bit. (Also you won’t get the email spam) worked every time I tested it (edited)
  7. Avatar
    I’m still waiting for mine
    Postman Pat has been out strike a couple of times since we ordered and with what happened the other day I suspect delays will be aplenty in network.
  8. Avatar
    Got a couple of packs of the yellow hydro5 .. razor and 5 blades for £5.99 each in poundstretcher the other week (edited)
    Nice, great razors
  9. Avatar
    same "unknown error"
  10. Avatar
    £2 engraved and delivered. Used my real age and everything. As somebody else said, perfect for overnight bag.
  11. Avatar
    It's just coming up with unknown error for me after I fill out the form
  12. Avatar
    Unknown error 🐈‍⬛
    That's what I'm getting
  13. Avatar
    Tryws.co.uk domain. What company is this
    Try Wilkinson sword?
  14. Avatar
    i use a bic ..................................and 20 plasters
  15. Avatar
    Mines £1 delivered...
  16. Avatar
    Cheers OP got 1 for travelling for a quid Have some heat.
  17. Avatar
    Cheers. Got 1 for £1
  18. Avatar
    Done. Thanks op
    Still not received mine yet. :/
  19. Avatar
    Thanks Rachael. Went for one
  20. Avatar
    Unknown error
    Me too!
  21. Avatar
    Great razors and blades last much longer then competition.
    £1 for me. Thanks OP
  22. Avatar
    Accepted #thanks
    got for my young lad
  23. Avatar
    I've ordered loads on special offers over the years with them. As someone said just always but down that you use a competitors razor and that your young.
    Your young what? I think you mean you're young.

    I am old but still got the £1 deal. (edited)
  24. Avatar
    The site is misbehaving for me. Tried a couple of times with a few different emails and keep getting an 'unknown error' after selecting the £1 option
    Same error for me as well
  25. Avatar
    getting...ERROR when i enter the engraving part lol
  26. Avatar
    Unknown error for me
  27. Avatar
  28. Avatar
    Same, 'Unknown Error' after attempting to submit form
  29. Avatar
    Thankyou Rachael, worked for me 1st time. Heat given
  30. Avatar
    No idea why I've bought this? I use an electric razor and I'm happy with the shave that I get. I just impulsively buy things that are cheap without thinking it through.
    By the way, I kept getting unknown error too: I just kept changing the brand that I currently use and it finally went through.
  31. Avatar
    Works for me
  32. Avatar
    Yup, £1 for me also! Bargain 🔥
  33. Avatar
    Ordered. Thanks(y)
  34. Avatar
    Good deal
  35. Avatar
    also fine here and ordered, thanks!
  36. Avatar
    Got mine on order, thanks OP.
  37. Avatar
    thanks ordered
  38. Avatar
    Thanks for posting got it for £1...
  39. Avatar
    Gillette the best Wilkinson iz a non alcoholic vegetarian
    Try Wilkinson and you'll change your opinion.
  40. Avatar
    Cheers order