Get a jacket for your wii remote free!!!
Get a jacket for your wii remote free!!!

Get a jacket for your wii remote free!!!

If you search on google for wii remote jacket uk then click on top result
Nintendo wii: wii remote jacket information
This will send you to another page where there is a blue click here sign, click this then fill in the request form - you need your wii serial number that is somewhere on your wii.
I requested mine yesterday, think your wii must be one that was not supplied with jackets.

Be nice this is my first post.


i am guessing this has been posted before

but always good for other people who have not seen it

Yes you can order up to four, but a lot of people are having problems when they put the serial number in, it sometimes states that it has already been used. This happened to me the other day, so I e-mailed them and got a prompt reply stating that they could send me some. I ordered 4. Hope that helps someone who has the same problem.

my wii came with the remote jacket so is there any point me trying to order 1? would just like to have an extra cos i have noticed that they do wear down a bit, well ours has but we have hardly had our wii off since xmas lol!

Yes, order some, I have two remotes and it came with one jacket, like you my girls haven't been off the thing since Christmas.

Very useful...cheers :thumbsup:

I got my Wii just before xmas (as bundle deal from argos) and knew about this offer.

However, when i put my Wii's serial into the website it said it was either incorrect or already registered ??

I phoned Nintendo and after 10 minutes trying to get through was told the reason for the error is because my Wii console came with a free Jacket.

I explained that I had also bought Wiiplay and the Wiiplay remote didnt come with a jacket so they said they would send me a clear jacket and lockable strap ASAP.

So if anyone has the same problem phone Nintendo on 0870 6060 247 and say you have wiiplay. :thumbsup:

Great post I got them with my Wii and Wii Play , they are chunky should be good protection
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