Get a pre-owned Xbox 360 Premium console plus pre owned Gears of War for £209.99

Get a pre-owned Xbox 360 Premium console plus pre owned Gears of War for £209.99

Found 25th Mar 2007
Hi i spotted this deal on gamestation and doesnt seem a bad deal with the Premiun Xbox 360 and gears of war although it is pre owned

If you add them both to the basket it comes up as £209.99 with a saving of £54.99!!!!!
- chris_b


You can get a brand new (from Gamestation)

premium pack
gears of war
WWE Smackdown
project gotham racing
arcade unplugged vol 1
extra wireless controller

all for £304.99

now you can sell

crackdown - £30
WWE smackdown - £15
project gotham racing - £10
arcade unplugged - £5
extra wireless controller - £20

Total - £80

Meaning you get a brand new premium pack & gears of war for £225, you can even sell gears of war if you like and end up with a brand new premium pack for around £200, ideal for those modders out like

Sorry I'd rather spend an extra £50 and get the thing brand new!

Seems a pretty good deal to me, not sure what scotsrat's point is, two deals above a choice of £205 for £225 for a premium pack + gears of war, first used other new. In fact, presumably £180 or £200 for a premium pack (used/new) seems pretty cheap entry to xbox 360

Sorry but I'd want a much bigger discount than that for what remains a second-hand console no matter what they try and call it!

'Second-hand', so what, wouldn't care as long as it came from a reliable supplier, had a decent warranty and a reasonable saving. Wouldn't buy a new car either, so why worry about the 'newness' of other high value goods when there's cash to be saved - and you don't even get that new car smell with a gadget.

i voted it hot, thats not a bad price actually if you dont mind it being used by someone else, if you didnt have financialy alot of money coming in, this would be the best deal.

I dont see why it can be voted cold tho as all gamestation are doing is helping people who can afford the new version.

and with a game like gears of war added to the bundle its a good deal i think :thumbsup:

voted hot anyway

Have any of you had problems with ordering from Gamestation? I've never had any delivery problems with any company until I used gamestation. I ordered an xbox game from them about... 2 weeks ago. Having not recieved it within the stated time, a week ago I e-mailed them inquiring asto what was going on. They still haven't contacted me back. I know they have no issues with sending me e-mail as my registration e-mail came directly to my inbox when I signed up.

This could be a one off but that's all it takes for me not too use them again. I've used countless companies and never had delivery issues. Speed is of the essence, I like my goods too actually arrive, let alone on time.

seems like a good deal, i guess its better than buying second hand on ebay or something. well, im assuming it comes with some warranty.
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