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Posted 8 December 2022

Get any 3 for £20 - 7UP Free / Irn-Bru / BARR American soda - 24 pack of 330ml cans @ Amazon

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Get any 3 for £20. Offered by Amazon.co.uk. (terms and conditions apply)
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Add 3 items from the products below to your basket using the Add to basket button or select See options for specific product variations.When you've finished shopping, select Go to basket.The offer will automatically be applied at checkout, if eligible
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  1. Avatar
    I'm still waiting for my order I placed 3 month's ago
  2. Avatar
    Amazon attempting to match Asda's " Any 3 for £20" deal, but there's far more choice at Asda.
    Probably more stock too.

    7UP Free no longer available in this deal, should amend the title? (edited)
  3. Avatar
    OOOH I fancy a can of pepsi now. oh no i will wait for 1 to 2 months to drink it. COLD.....
    I’m a big fan of irn bru 💪🏼
  4. Avatar
    Where’s the nice tasting full fat Pepsi?!!
    Sugar tax
  5. Avatar
    Yes to some Professor Peppy
  6. Avatar
    Thank you
  7. Avatar
    Shame no IRNBRU Extra

    Order 4 for £25.50 (£6.37 per 24 pack)
    Cheaper than this
  8. Avatar
    Did this 2 days ago, Pepsi said 1-2 months. It's coming tomorrow. Amazon usually dispatch quicker with these large packs in my experience

    Although we'll see when the 7up and lime Pepsi max turn up. (edited)
    Good luck with that my order from October was coming today, for the 2nd time they have shifted the date for another 3weeks
  9. Avatar
    I actually really enjoy deals where there's a 1-2 month wait.

    What's ends up happening (for me) is that I completely forget what I've ordered. One day my Alexa gives me a notification a parcel is arriving today. I have no clue what's she's on about, so I check my orders and behold it's my order from ages ago. I actually love the suprise tbh
    Sometime I like that too.
    Ordered Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut and forgot about it. 3 weeks later it arrived to surprise me and I was happy
  10. Avatar

    An order I forgot about
    It must depend where you are I have never had to wait more than 2 weeks to get of these soft drinks orders delivered. (edited)
  11. Avatar
    Long wait time on Pepsi, might be better off going to Asda if you have a local. Great deal though
  12. Avatar
    Been waiting over two months for mine
  13. Avatar
    Please update, its 7UP free
  14. Avatar
    Purchased x 2
  15. Avatar
    Oh yes thank u
  16. Avatar
    Irn Bru is £7.50 for 24 normally. Lemonade and Cream Soda £4.99 for 24 with a minimum order of 3. Barr store on Amazon.
  17. Avatar
    nicked 3. 2 pepsi packs and the murican one ✌🏾
  18. Avatar
    7up is currently £7 at Amazon so £1 saving but on the bright side it's way cheaper than the supermarkets who currently charge £8.50
    give it a rest. consider other brands on the deal on higher prices e.g pepsi
  19. Avatar
    Use to make these Beverages for AG Barr, definitely wouldn't recommend these drinks even too my worst nemesis.
    Good luck with tooth rot and gut rot fellas
    not that I'll be drinking them all the days of my life 🤷🏿‍♂️
  20. Avatar
    good deal
  21. Avatar
    I bought 3 for £20 deal, but also managed to add the £7 off £20 spend for delivery to local drop-off (select accounts I think) so £13! Thank you
    didn't get that for local drop-off. lucky you
  22. Avatar
    I have ordered a couple of times before when the pepsi and others cans have been on offer and havnt had to wait a month yet
  23. Avatar
    Good luck getting anything that isn't in livestock! I'm still waiting for Pepsi cherry from October. Current estimate is by the 16th of December. I very much doubt it will happen.
  24. Avatar
    27p a pop.
  25. Avatar
    Good find - Heat from me!
  26. Avatar
    which ones are still available now?
  27. Avatar
    Not bad. Irn bru delivered Sunday and the Pepsi delivered 1 week later
  28. Avatar
    7up free oos?
  29. Avatar
    Ordered and coming tomorrow 👌
  30. Avatar
    Got 3 the other week paid about £13 with s&s