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Posted 2 December 2022

Get Apple TV+ free for 6-months (New & Existing Subscribers) via Sky VIP @ Sky Digital

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Sky have offered Apple TV+ free for 3 months before, but this time they're offering it for 6 months.
Get a code via the "My Sky" app.
It says "offer not eligible for existing Apple TV+ subscribers" but many people, myself included, have found that it stacks on current subscriptions.
Valid until end of March 2023, code must be used by the end of April.
Sky Digital More details at Sky Digital
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Works on lapsed or expired accounts
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  1. ck3245's avatar
    In giveaways if you’re struggling to find it
    rich0811's avatar
    I can’t even find giveaways on the app
  2. dead4red69's avatar
    Stacked for me, with this o2, and currys, I now have apple TV until Dec 23 for free
    Spaced_Out's avatar
    02? Care to elaborate plz
  3. DetMerc's avatar
    Small print in the app says "must be activated by 23:59 on 30 April 2023", so could be worth getting a code before the end of March even if you're currently on a different deal until some time in April 2023.
    hijigu's avatar
    For existing subscribers who are on trial, this stacks up so dont need to wait until then!
  4. deleted1030622's avatar
    Anonymous User
    For those having difficulty finding the offer , click on the MySky app , then the sky vip star on the bottom right , then click on Giveaways and scroll to the bottom
    justbrowsing's avatar
    And if you can't see Giveaways, try updating the app. It worked for me
  5. alfie73's avatar
    How do you get this please, I cant find it on the app?
    DetMerc's avatar
    In the My Sky app (I'm on Android, but I guess iPhone is similar), click on the Sky VIP star in the bottom right.
    This will list various categories of offers, under the heading "Welcome to Sky VIP"
    When I first go in to the list it's in the middle, so you may need to scroll up rather than down to find 'Giveaways'.

    Here is my list, yours may be slightly different:

    Find rewards right up your street
    12 Festive Prizes
    Unmissable prizes
    Sports tickets
    Exclusive Sky Mobile offers for Sky VIPs
    Save on Sky Broadband with Sky VIP
    Cinema tickets
    Virtual experiences
    Sky Showcase Weekend Movie
    Shows & attractions
    Get Sky Sports at a VIP price
    Exclusive events
    Broadband for Small Business
    Get Sky Kids for 2 months on us
    Sky Fibre Broadband Exclusive
    Fun activities are here
    Sky Mobile Data Bonus
    Sky Worlds
    Sky VIP Move Home
    Sky VIP Service

    Click on "Giveaways" and the Apple TV+ offer is the 3rd/last item in there.
  6. aturner123's avatar
    Highly recommend Slow Horses and Severence if anyone wants to binge
    KYUSS's avatar
    Slow horses series 2 today!!!
  7. extrasmooth's avatar
    Stacked for me on top of the PS5 6 month trial offer.
    That's Apple TV sorted out for me until next August.

    I'm really enjoying Acapulco on AppleTV.
    hdhani's avatar
    What is the ps5 6 months offer? Did you have to purchase something?
  8. mickeyhouse's avatar
    Thanks DetMerc it stacked for me free Apple TV until October 23 for me,thanks
  9. steveu's avatar
    For anyone struggling to find it, you need to click on the ‘Sky VIP’ tab in the bottom right of the ‘MySky’ app and then tap on ‘Giveaways’
    2_Dog's avatar
    Perfect! Finally found it.
  10. Mr.Nutts's avatar
    My recommendations:
    Ted Lasso
    Mythic Quest
    The Morning Show
    DiscoDave57's avatar
    Slow Horses
    Foundation (I like Sci-Fi) (edited)
  11. Lee63's avatar
    T&C says for Sky Q, Sky glass and Sky stream customers, so not for those with an old box?
    CatsWithThumbs's avatar
    I'm an ex-SkyHD subscriber but still have Sky broadband and somehow still in the VIP scheme and this worked for me.

    Thanks OP
  12. bob10752000's avatar
    Has anyone got a spare code they don’t need?
    Mr.Nutts's avatar
    Have you forgotten your manners?
  13. desbode's avatar
    Can now be activated up until until 23:59 7th July according to the offer in the Sky App
    DetMerc's avatar
    Yes, and looks like the end date to claim it has been extended from 31st March to 7th June too.
  14. KingAzzA's avatar
    Anyone used this along with the curry’s 6 months code ?
    WiganLaticsFan's avatar
    I've just this minute finished activating both Currys and this offer. Got a billing date of 9th Dec 2023
  15. lageryron's avatar
    Is it easy to cancel?
    ELNIN09's avatar
    Cancel it straight away from settings and sub stays till end date specified.
  16. DuncTT's avatar
    Not working for me. “Your code limit has been reached. You have already redeemed the maximum number of these codes per Apple ID”. I have used a few in the past and currently subscribed with them.
    DetMerc's avatar
    Interesting - I've had Apple TV+ free from eight different sources, so I wonder what the limit is.
    Barclaycard: Aug 2021 - Jan 2022, LG: Jan - Apr, Sky: Apr - Jul, Currys: Jul - Oct, Roku: Oct 2022 - Jan 2023, new iPad: Jan - Apr, Sky: Apr - Oct, O2: Oct 2023 - Jan 2024
  17. RyanPowell's avatar
    Stacks as well with current trials
    RyanPowell's avatar
    Just go through the link, sign in and it'll add the time to current sub. Mine went from mid fed to August
  18. Simbad82's avatar
    It stacked for me also.

    Already had 5 months free via being a Barclaycard customer. Now have it free until end of September 2023. Although I have to say I find the interface the worst out of the streaming services that I have.
    Brabus_Duddy's avatar
    Paramount+ I find the worst tbh. It’s always freezing, doesn’t always have the skip intro or play next episode function too
  19. Brabus_Duddy's avatar
    Damn! Another deal I miss out on because I’m with Virgin media and not Sky!

    Virgin Media still over charging me…..their customer service is TERRIBLE!
    DetMerc's avatar
    It's not as many months, but being with Virgin Media means you are eligible for the O2 priority app, and through that you can get 3 months of Apple TV+ - hotukdeals.com/dea…523
  20. rajasingh90's avatar
    I have 4 households with sky and dnt need, happy to share but I've found ita not a code, it a link you have to click through, then login to apple. Unless someone can tell me where the code actually is on the app?
    Also I tried to stack them but it doesn't work. I've seen ppl are sticking different retailers trials such as O2 and sky. NOT SKY AND SKY.
    DetMerc's avatar
    Unless someone can tell me where the code actually is on the app?
    I think you are correct, it's a link not a code. My fault when I was originally describing the offer, because I hadn't actually redeemed it then (because I didn't know it would stack).
    And I think you are right that you can't stack 2 or more of the same kind of offer, e.g. Sky + Sky.
  21. hdhani's avatar
    How do I cancel auto renew? Do I just go to cancel subscription and it will still work for 6 months? Or does it stop working if I try to cancel subscription...
    Mr.Nutts's avatar
    I've cancelled mine and it's still running until July.
  22. Zooicidal's avatar
    At this rate I wouldn't be surprised to find a free Apple TV voucher randomly in the street, they're everywhere.
    brk96's avatar
    In your cornflakes
  23. 24CarrotKilla's avatar
    Dropping by to plug the original show Severance if you have access to Apple TV+! Personally speaking, it's the best show I've seen this year and is likely worth a watch if you dabble in the Sci Fi/Mystery/Horror genres.
    uog's avatar
    bad sisters was great as well
  24. grahamr1986's avatar
    Not even worth it for free!
    Trudi12's avatar
    I agree , I had a nose and only Ted lasso and the one with Jennifer Aniston in interested me tbh .
  25. haybarner's avatar
    Signed up. Got 6 months free. Then cancelled, still got the 6 months #winning
  26. Pixam's avatar
    Thanks, worked and stacked on mine
  27. Geldof84's avatar
    Any good content to watch on Apple TV?
    DB2k's avatar
    slow horses, ted lasso, blackbird, severance - there's some good shows
  28. Tobias_Jordan's avatar
    Loving this. Stacked with a few recent offers, I’ve now got it free until October 2023.
  29. slliw's avatar
    Cheers OP, stacked till December 2023. Have never paid a penny

    ao4real's avatar
    Same here
  30. goody's avatar
    mine stacked till nov 23 ...
  31. Why_so_serious's avatar
    It's doesn't work in my expired account as mentioned above.
  32. easylinkselecta's avatar
    Excellent - just stacked with the 6 months from Currys that I redeemed last week. I've had Apple TV+ free for as long as I can remember with various Apple purchases, Barclaycard, Currys, Samsung and now Sky deals. I've never paid a penny for it but it provides by far the best quality entertainment. For All Mankind, Bad Sisters, Slow Horses, Black Bird, Schmigadoon, Severance, etc, all in 4K with Dolby Vision and Atmos. Superb value.
    Mr.Nutts's avatar
    Ted Lasso!!!!!!

    Also, The Morning Show is brilliant BUT it's an acquired taste and slow. Like Line of Duty corruption without the action in a TV studio seeing.

    Mythic Quest is great too if you like stuff like Always Sunny and Brooklyn Nine Nine
  33. ronray's avatar
    I let my Apple TV+ subscription expire a few months ago. I've just used the 6 months free via Currys offer to re-subscribe. Then I added another 6 months using the Sky VIP offer. I'm now stacked up with free access until the 4th of Dec 2023!
  34. hardsoulwax's avatar
    What with recent Currys xbox controller purchase (which included 6months apple tv) and now this, I'm all set until Dec-23. Nice one - thanks op!
    (especailly as the link seemed to be a bit buried in the my sky VIP offers section).
    poison3k's avatar
    Yes, I did the same. A years worth of Appl TV for free, nice!
  35. davejb's avatar
    argh. theres an xbox perk that ends in march 2023 too and i was planning to use that when the current free subscription ends... but thats only 3 months so i guess ill use this instead if it works... be shame to "waste" one of them though. lol.

    It says "offer not eligible for existing Apple TV+ subscribers" but nothing about previous subscribers, and doesn't say you can't use if you used the previous Sky offer.

    yeh these generally dont work for existing users so only try once any subscription has ended. its a bit hit n miss whether it will work for previous subscribers. the currys ones wont work twice.
    hijigu's avatar
    Only if you are on trial, the stacking works! If you are a current active subscriber, it wont!
  36. pebar's avatar
    Excellent worked for me, thanks so much. Mine had expired a couple of weeks ago.
  37. ibird22's avatar
    Nice one just activated this and the 4 months free Netflix with Sky VIP
    bigbargainberni's avatar
    Can you tell me about the Netflix free months please? Haven't seen that on my sky VIP. Thanks.
  38. rickandsarahpearce's avatar
    Stacked for me too on top of my O2 and Curry's trials. All good until October 23! MIght be another xbox one by then lol
    hasj2's avatar
    I signed up for Currys perks I think it was to get 6 months free but didn't receive anything, how long after you did it, did you receive the trial? Or did you do the one where you had to buy an item to get the trial? Thanks
  39. kneale81's avatar
    Thanks OP. I already had a free trial running until the middle of January and it’s extended it by another 6 months. I’ve never paid for Apple TV and I’ve had it for ages
  40. Vanders's avatar
    Perfect, used the 6 month Currys code along with the 3 month o2 code, no payment due until February 2024. Now let's see if the Xbox 3 month trial stacks too
's avatar