This deal expires on 31 March at 22:59
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Get Apple TV+ free for 6-months (New & Existing Subscribers) via Sky VIP @ Sky Digital

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Sky have offered Apple TV+ free for 3 months before, but this time they're offering it for 6 months.
Get a code via the "My Sky" app.
It says "offer not eligible for existing Apple TV+ subscribers" but many people, myself included, have found that it stacks on current subscriptions.
Valid until end of March 2023, code must be used by the end of April.
Sky Digital More details at Sky Digital
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    Stacked for me, with this o2, and currys, I now have apple TV until Dec 23 for free
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    Small print in the app says "must be activated by 23:59 on 30 April 2023", so could be worth getting a code before the end of March even if you're currently on a different deal until some time in April 2023.
    For existing subscribers who are on trial, this stacks up so dont need to wait until then!
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    Thanks DetMerc it stacked for me free Apple TV until October 23 for me,thanks
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    In giveaways if you’re struggling to find it
    I can’t even find giveaways on the app
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    T&C says for Sky Q, Sky glass and Sky stream customers, so not for those with an old box?
    I'm an ex-SkyHD subscriber but still have Sky broadband and somehow still in the VIP scheme and this worked for me.

    Thanks OP
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    At this rate I wouldn't be surprised to find a free Apple TV voucher randomly in the street, they're everywhere.
    In your cornflakes
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    My recommendations:
    Ted Lasso
    Mythic Quest
    The Morning Show
    Slow Horses
    Foundation (I like Sci-Fi) (edited)
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    Thanks, worked and stacked on mine
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    Nice one just activated this and the 4 months free Netflix with Sky VIP
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    Loving this. Stacked with a few recent offers, I’ve now got it free until October 2023.
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    Dropping by to plug the original show Severance if you have access to Apple TV+! Personally speaking, it's the best show I've seen this year and is likely worth a watch if you dabble in the Sci Fi/Mystery/Horror genres.
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    Not even worth it for free!
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    Anyone used this along with the curry’s 6 months code ?
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    Highly recommend Slow Horses and Severence if anyone wants to binge
    Slow horses series 2 today!!!
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    Thanks Op, stacked with my existing 02 priority offer. Good till oct now
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    argh. theres an xbox perk that ends in march 2023 too and i was planning to use that when the current free subscription ends... but thats only 3 months so i guess ill use this instead if it works... be shame to "waste" one of them though. lol.

    It says "offer not eligible for existing Apple TV+ subscribers" but nothing about previous subscribers, and doesn't say you can't use if you used the previous Sky offer.

    yeh these generally dont work for existing users so only try once any subscription has ended. its a bit hit n miss whether it will work for previous subscribers. the currys ones wont work twice.
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    Excellent worked for me, thanks so much. Mine had expired a couple of weeks ago.
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    Mine stacked too. Thanks
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    Stacked for me too on top of my O2 and Curry's trials. All good until October 23! MIght be another xbox one by then lol
    I signed up for Currys perks I think it was to get 6 months free but didn't receive anything, how long after you did it, did you receive the trial? Or did you do the one where you had to buy an item to get the trial? Thanks
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    Do you have be a gold member, can’t find in app
    Looks like all Sky VIP customers. As ck3245 said, it's in giveaways (at the bottom) - I should have mentioned that in the original deal text.
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    Thanks OP. I already had a free trial running until the middle of January and it’s extended it by another 6 months. I’ve never paid for Apple TV and I’ve had it for ages
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    Some good stuff on there, but the constant sound dropouts are extremely tiresome.
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    Cheers OP, usually find these don’t add to previous offers but extended the 3 months I already had, I’m good to October 2023!(y)
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    Worked for me on top of O2 offer. I couldn't get curry's code to stack though.
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    Stacked for me too. Thanks OP.
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    I've got a 6months offer from Currys and then this from Sky, got to use the Curry's offer before end of this month, so should I do that then see if this stacks later? (edited)
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    At last , something of use on the VIP London app. Stacked onto my current "trial" from buying my pixel 7 pro from Currys.
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    Mines stacked too, next payment due Nov 23
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    Perfect, used the 6 month Currys code along with the 3 month o2 code, no payment due until February 2024. Now let's see if the Xbox 3 month trial stacks too
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    Just added the O2 one too and signed up for Currys Perks, waiting for the email to come through for that. My expiry date will be Jan 2024 when the Currys code comes through! Think I’m currently in a Barclays/Barclaycard free trial period but it’s hard to keep up. (edited)
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    If anyone has an unused code I would greatly appreciate a PM. I may still have an O2 code (may, because we claimed one of the two and I cannot remember which one, but can send them both).
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    Link isn't opening for me. 503 service temporarily unavailable?
    The link is just to a promo page on the Sky web-site, so not really necessary.
    To get the code you go in the My Sky app to Sky VIP, then scroll up or down to find Giveaways, and in there scroll down to Get an Apple TV+ 6-months free trial this Christmas. Enter your details there to get a code.
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    A 3 month offer popped on LG TV that says to redeem in app rather than providing a code so doesnt seem to be possible with an existing sub
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    Stacked for me too and i had a currys code I had just applied beforehand, thanks OP
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    Worked for me. Thanks op
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    this might be a stupid question but u can watch apple tv through the sky box?

    yes you can apparently there is an app (edited)
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    Cheers OP, stacked till December 2023. Have never paid a penny

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    Just stacked with my 6 months free via PS5 as well cheers.
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    stacked for me...
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    Thanks mine stacked now end of November 23
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