Get BMI airmiles cheap - Top up your 9000 bonus if you joined Diamond Club

Get BMI airmiles cheap - Top up your 9000 bonus if you joined Diamond Club

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Found 2nd May 2008
Bonus miles on shopping

You can shop online to earn extra miles. bmi has teamed with over 50 high street stores giving you the freedom to earn more miles.

And for 6 weeks only they are making shopping even more rewarding, as they're offering you bonus miles on top of what you normally earn for each transaction made between 1 May and 15 June 2008.

Whether you're buying socks from Marks and Spencer or a new iPod from Comet, you can earn between 2 miles per £1 and 8 miles for every £1 spent, so it's even quicker for you to take that well deserved break.

Ttransactions bonus miles
1 500
2 1,000
3 1,500
4 2,000
5-9 3,000
10 5,000

Transactions must be made between 1 May and 15 June 2008 to qualify for bonus miles.

I've just had a quick browse around, If you wanted to buy 5000 airmiles it would cost you £60 directly with BMI, however take advantage of some of the offers available via the shopping directory and you could obtain the same miles for £15 or less.

Bodyshop have items available for £1.50 with free shipping. So 10 individual puchases of something like a home fragrance would entitle you to 5000 bonus miles.


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Getting chilly already for something that's a saving over their normal purchase price.

You can also get about 24000 bonus miles if you take out a bmi amex credit card with mbna. Its important to note though that their idea of a mile is not the same as a regular mile.

Good find though. voted hot

Does the Diamond scheme cost anything to join? I'm interested in this but there's not a great deal of 'fine print' explaining the scheme?

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Free to join, but there was a promotion of 9000 free miles to anyone joining recently, but that has since expired.

When you join, there is also the option to participate in e-rewards, trading survey points for free miles again. I recall a bonus 500 miles or so when invited to join via bmi.

There is no cost to join. I did it a couple of weeks back and took out the credit card as well. Should get 33,000 points for both of these. Going to do the above as well to boost it up to nearer 40,000. God knows if its worth the bother as there may be difficulties in actually using the miles. Time will tell.

The card is pretty good as well i think if you want to do a balance transfer. There is a 3% fee and then there is no interest for a year. So unless my arithmetic is rubbish i guess thats pretty good.

interestingly, i don't think all cards will let you do this you can do a balance transfer to your bank account as well with the same 3% charge and no interest for 1 year.
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