Get Deezer for free if your on EE 4G (rrp £9.99)

Get Deezer for free if your on EE 4G (rrp £9.99)

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Found 22nd May 2014
Get Deezer for free if your on the EE network with a 4G plan!

Only if your contract started before april 2014
- nightshot
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What is deezer?
if only there was a site that would let you search the interwebs for answers to such questions...or the op gave a link that detailed exactly what you would get... the world would be a much easier please to exist

What is deezer?

Read this
Since April EE don't include it in the new contracts anymore.

Since April EE don't include it in the new contracts anymore.

Nice find! Might give it a go.
I get it free in my Swapables with Orange/EE. It's alright.
I had swapables on my Orange contract and Deezer seemed the only one worth anything at all, but actually I never used it.
Orange then offered me a cheaper rate and took away the swapable, but I never noticed.
Hi all,

Still not clear, after reading the Deezer site and the details on EE.

I have a 4G Business Mobile (plan 23) with EE, taken out last October. The Deezer app was installed as part of the pack, but I have never used it. If I click 'Subscribe', will I start to get billed ? Does this allow me to download tracks to my device for offline listening, or is this only with Premium + ?

Deezer is great you can sync music to your device and listen off line. The data it uses doesn't come off your data allowance so use as much as you want. Only limitation is your devices storage if you are syncing the music to your phone ( you can listen without syncing) Just to note you don't actually download the music file so you can't make CD's and stuff. However you can have 3 devices using deezer with the one account. My deezer account is one of my swappables, don't think I would pay the £10 a month for it thou. It's not the premium deezer but don't really know what that does.
I got the new m8 on 28th March but missed out on deezer as offer expired on 26th March
Can't get it on my plan. 12 month Sim Only, £31 a month. Bit unfair that I don't get any of these. Could understand if it was a 30 day one.
Hi iIhave deezer premium
as part of my 4g plan with ee
Contract runs out in November 2015
Can iIkeep this if renew my contract with ee do you know?
I do use deezer a lot
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