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Get double the top-up throughout January @ RWG Mobile (Wales)

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Last month we could enjoy doubled data now we can double top-up!

Apply only for online top-up via website. You can top-up your account using a debit or credit card.

For example top-up 5 pounds and you will get 10 pounds, etc

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    I've literally just signed up with them this weekend. Website and overall offer is not very clearly presented, had to read through it half a dozen times and still wasn't to sure about some of the detail.

    Bit the bullet and ordered just a SIM card via the website shop, card arrived very quickly in fairness. I topped up £15 early hours Monday morning and initially the top up wasn't showing, checked in when I got up in the morning and it was active on my account (at double the value).

    The free calls and data bundle had not been activated though. Emailed them to query it and had a very prompt response, saying they'd added it and it was now active. So basically, you may have to chase some things up on the initial set up but great response from customer service and ongoing you just order any bundles you may want through the website and they apply them, does look as if this is a manual thing though so may not happen out of hours.

    Basic offer as follows ...

    Top up £15 initially and you get 100 mins, 100 texts and 750 mb of data each month for as long as you stay with them free of charge. You are still able to use the £15 on a pay as you go basis or to purchase monthly bundles of minutes/data.

    All top ups are doubled throughout January (max £60) so £15 initial top up is credited as £30.

    Various bundles available from £2 to £22 a month e.g. £6 gets unlimited calls/texts and 5gb data.
    (Bear in mind that if you've taken advantage of the double top up then any bundles work out as being half price until your top ups are used up)

    Bundles from £5 upwards include roaming or can roam on a PAYG basis.

    UK PAYG is 5p/min, 5p text, 1p MB data (edited)
    Looks good. Thanks for the info
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    I used them in December to add more data Took 2 hours to update. It’s done manually according to customer services when I asked why it wasn’t immediate.
    Still no WiFi calling. In a few months apparently but I heard this last year also.
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    From what I know they are a very small outfit, with CS that try, but are under resourced - I hate to think how they will cope with things if HUKD masses take this up.
    They're profitable, if there's an influx of users they'll just hire more staff
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    Thanks for taking the time to share this @dvarof
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    SO received my sim and looks like I'm already activated. Pity I can't see how much of the free minutes and data I've used. Although the data isn't a problem as I have a widget for that. What's the connection between NOW Telecom and RWG?
    From their website FAQs,
    "Which devices can I use?
    RWG runs off the EE/Now mobile network so will work in 2G, 3G and 4G compatible smartphones. If you are not sure if your phone is compatible then email us at
    We don't currently support WiFi calling this is coming soon"