Get One Months  Free Trial Of Amazons Prime  Deal!

Get One Months Free Trial Of Amazons Prime Deal!

Found 15th May 2008Made hot 15th May 2008
Hi I bought something from Amazon and when I went to checkout it said you can have a 1 months free Amazon Prime deal. I clicked on it and I was automatically signed up. I look at my delivery cost and it was £0 and my delivery is going to come the next day. Im Happy! But remeber to cancell it before your month is over!


If there is no banner stating the free trial, go to your account settings and near the bottom is the option for amazon prime management. You may be surprised to find an offer of a free 1 months trial waiting for you.
- donnydude


That seems very good:thumbsup: Hot hot hot
deffinately need to remember to cancel it though!!


Will be interesting to see if they offer this to other people, or just targeted shoppers.

This came up on mine, says it's only available to new customers but I've had my account for ages :?

Get FREE One-Day Delivery on This Order with Amazon Prime™
You are eligible to receive a Free one-month trial of Amazon Prime - Amazon's exclusive membership program that gives you and up to four of your household family members the benefits of unlimited One-Day Delivery on eligible purchases.
Place your order before the deadline displayed on the item detail page to get:
Unlimited FREE One-Day Delivery on over a million eligible items
Express Delivery (delivery before 1pm) for £4.49 per item
Evening Delivery for £7.49 per item (London and Birmingham addresses)
No Minimum Purchase - No need to think about delivery charges when you order.

The one-month trial is completely free for you to enjoy
There's no obligation to continue beyond the trial period. You can cancel your membership through Your Account at any time during your Free Trial and you will not be charged the £49 annual fee

We will upgrade your entire order to dispatch via One-Day Delivery, the moment you sign up
Click the button below to start your one-month Free Trial -- you won't be charged now. If you want to continue after your Free Trial, do nothing. Your benefits will automatically continue and we'll charge your payment method £49 for the next year. If you prefer, you can select "do not upgade" in the Manage Your Prime Account section of Your Account and your payment method won't be charged. If you continue, we'll charge your payment method annually thereafter for your full membership unless you select "do not auto renew". You can always request a refund of the most recent charge if your benefits haven't been used in the new term. If we're unable to charge the payment method above for either the first year or an annual renewal, we'll charge another payment method we have on file for you. You can manage your full membership, including payment method and renewal setting through Your Account.

Free Trial is available to new members only. Limit one per household.

By clicking the button below, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions and the above, and authorise us to charge the payment method above or another available on file.

Turn on 1-click ordering using my default Amazon Prime settings
Upgrade my order and start my Free Trial now

Out of interest, what did you guys order?

Just wondering if they target people who spend > £XX


hope im offered that!

Thanks for info, hadn't noticed it til u said.

oops double post!


Out of interest, what did you guys order? Just wondering if they target … Out of interest, what did you guys order? Just wondering if they target people who spend > £XX

I added a book, came to no more than £9, just wanted to see if it would work

That's awesome...

Prime is amazing. I am so glad I have it.


This came up on mine, says it's only available to new customers but I've … This came up on mine, says it's only available to new customers but I've had my account for ages :?Free Trial is available to new members only. Limit one per household.

It might mean new members of the Amazon Prime scheme, and not of Amazon itself?

Must admit, it's poor wording, but what can you do. It's a good deal either way - so long as, as peole say, you cancel before the end of the trial.

Ive just gone on to amazon and there is a banner at the top. it says

You qualify for a FREE trial of Amazon Prime

so you can find out if your elegible without going through to checkout

They don't have to be a family member, but doesn't it say they all have to be at the same address?

Oh and the offer isn't appearing for me. :-(

I signed up to Amazon Prime a few months ago.

It's absolutely fantastic and have already got the money back in number of orders I've received via Special delivery which ain't cheap.

As long as the item is in stock and you don't order too late you will always get it next day.

£49 may seem a lot, but well worth it for a years worth of orders and not having to worry about finding items to get over £15 for supersave delivery.

Yeap, good bargain hunting, trouble is I don't know what I really want and when I want it.:oops::stocking: Maybe a book on assertive thinking.


I've been in Amazon Prime since last November and I'll sign up without … I've been in Amazon Prime since last November and I'll sign up without hesitation every 12 months. Most people don't seem to realise that on the one membership you can have an additional 4 'family' members as guests. It's dead easy to invite anyone to be a guest - they don't have to be a family member:

I just tried selling my prime membership on here, didnt realize till I read that its supposed to be family members/in same house only, lol, so me and some others spammed it to oblivion, sassie was all ready to move in to, £20 for the year lol. :thumbsup:

How does it get delivered? Courier or Royal Mail?

This is super hot!!!!!!!!!!
I didn't have the banner but I went into my account and selected manage amazon prime settings or whatever and there was the offer in there waiting for me! Just got 2 cd's for 92p delivered using my HUKD voucher lol

Hmmm - no banner - then offered to sell itr to me for £49 ... clearly I don't buy enough stuff from them :-(

Didn't get the offer......:?

Ahh dam im a div saw this other day when i went to order and didnt pay notice and paid £7 odd for delivery as well
Good spot will look out for it next time

Was offered it earlier, not coming up now.

go into your accont and select the amazon prime option in there it might show up there. i've added this to the op


Was offered it earlier, not coming up now.

Wasnt for me either logged in a few times and then i got it again so i signed up even though i dont need anything at the moment i thought it best to do it incase i dont get offered it again or they stop the deal

Shame they didnt do this offer a few weeks ago as i spent nearly all my £500 gift voucher now , only got £40 left not much i can buy with that

Working now, sweet.


Would ordering lots of these books for £1 separately **** them off?

They have thousands of orders a day I doubt their computer will worry about your books, on prime books normaly are sent by first class standard post anyway.

No free shipping for me either



Chaps I think I hit gold … Chaps I think I hit gold >>

Sure did! Worked perfectly. Just cancelled a order I had and signed up and placed it again under prime

nor me, but i can sign up to the free trial, lucky me, some use that is though.

This program is limited to certain products sold by (or third-party merchants participating in the Fulfillment by Amazon program) on [url][/url] that are shipped to continental United States addresses, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, P.O. boxes, APO/FPO and U.S. territories, possessions and protectorates. Though Two-Day and One-Day shipping benefits do not apply to these excluded addresses, members are entitled to free Standard shipping on eligible items shipped to P.O. boxes in the continental U.S. and APO/FPO addresses with U.S. zip codes. We may exclude products in our discretion, including, for example, oversize or heavy items, items regulated as hazardous materials, and other items with special shipping characteristics. Products are eligible for Prime only if designated on the website. Products sold by third parties, or through third-party areas such as Marketplace and/or Auctions, are NOT eligible for Prime.

not working for me either, funny thing is i was going to buy a book earlier this morning and held off could have had it by the weekend if i hadahead went

this is open to eveyone its been on for ages.

Free trial not open for me. I've been trying everyway I can think of but still wants to charge me £49 for the service.:cry:

Voted Hot, got free trial, thankyou.


this is open to eveyone its been on for ages.

how please tell meeeeeeeeeeeee!

It's not offering me a free trial either and I buy loads of stuff from them...

I just went into my account, clicked manage prime membership and clicked the banner saying sign up now.



p.s I think this info should be put in the main post so everyone sees it

Yeah I have prime too and its ace, and doesnt ave to be same address either - I have had things posted to my sisters houses as pressies for nephew and niece and no charge. I havent invited anyone else - may offer my broher though as he is in the army and will be getting stationed back in UK. When on froogle or foxy I always check what Amazons price is before postage and sometime order from them as its cheaper than cheapest before the postal costs...

got min just ordered 2 hdmi cables for 3.98 no postage :-)
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