Get Organized with the Click fastener - FREE

Get Organized with the Click fastener - FREE

Found 20th Jan 2008
Not sure if this is UK or USA so be easy on me plz

Got a Lot of Paper?
A Better Solution
The Click Fastener is ideal for the following challenging environments:

High humidity areas
Sterile environments
Child-friendly areas
Secure environments with metal detectors

With the Click Fastener, you will never...

Have a paper explosion
Cut your fingers or hands.
End up with rust all over your important papers.
Run out of room.


Not sure if it is worth the effort, but ordered one anyway. If you don't want to give your email just write something before (you can collect your emails from ] but who cares!) Added heat.

THanks, ordered a sample


Its a U.S website and small online company. So less likely will send to UK

Original Poster

No harm in trying i've had stuff from usa b4
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