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Posted 19 April 2024

Get £40 off selected Kenwood microwaves with code ( K20GS21 Microwave with Grill £89 / K23CM21 Combination Microwave £129 + others inside )

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  1. waggy67's avatar
    Nah...get one with a full real stainless steel cavity...these will rust inside before long.
    dan_uk's avatar
    Funnily enough I’m just about to bin a Kenwood microwave for exactly this reason. Purchased it about 3 years ago and the inside already looks like it was excavated from Pompeii. It’s also developed a dodgy latch so it thinks it’s trying to cook something whenever the door is closed. Definitely not the brand it used to be. My mum’s Kenwood microwave from the late 80s still looks good as new in comparison. 
  2. NibblyPig's avatar
    Only 800w on solo microwave, for this price would like 1000w
  3. jamhops's avatar
    NOTE This is Curry’s own brand Kenwood have nothing to do with it.
    STi_prodrive's avatar
    sorry have i missed something little confused
  4. BraddersJ's avatar
    Pretty sure they're regularly available at these prices, at least in the case of the K23CM21 which was available at £129 last time I looked a few months ago.

    But I suppose if they toggle the price up for a day then it is a deal

    (Sorry to be salty OP, regardless, thanks for posting)
    stec77's avatar
    You say you were looking a few months ago. At combination microwaves/ovens? Did you find a better deal? Thanks in advance.
  5. STi_prodrive's avatar
    hmm 23 liters is kinda small wouldn't you say?
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