Get Shorty (2 DVD Special Edition) - £3.99 delivered

Get Shorty (2 DVD Special Edition) - £3.99 delivered

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Found 17th Feb 2007
Get Shorty (2 DVD Special Edition) - £3.99 delivered @ HMV

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HMV review : Elmore Leonard novels are famously difficult to adapt into successful movies, so credit must go to screenwriter Scott Frank(Out of Sight) for making Get Shorty so wittily brilliant.

John Travolta turns in his best post-Pulp Fiction performance as Miami loan-shark Chili Palmer, who, becoming tired of his day-job, decides to try his hand in Hollywood when one of his "clients" leads him to a script that is in the hands of B-movie director Harry Zimm (Hackman). Zimm is struggling to get finance for his movie, so Palmer uses some of his loan-shark skills to help get the money together. When some Hollywood heavies catch wind of this, they too become interested in the movie, and Palmer realises that this cut-throat business isn't too far removed from his old mob-dealing duties!

Featuring great performances from Rene Russo, Danny DeVito and Dennis Farina(outstanding as Palmer's main rival in Miami), Get Shorty is a dazzling send up of Hollywood excess. Scott Franks' dialogue is fast & funny, and coming from the mouths of Travolta & Hackman is given that extra "zing"!

With a great jazz soundtrack from John Lurie, you've just gotta' go "Get Shorty".
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Lol, I got the single disk edition free with the ?Daily Mail like 2 years ago. Good deal if you like the film though.
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