Get Smart: Complete HBO Series 1 [1965] (5 Discs) - £5.22

Get Smart: Complete HBO Series 1 [1965] (5 Discs) - £5.22

Found 4th Sep 2008
2nd best - £24.89 @Sendit :-)

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In this light-hearted spoof of the spy genre, Don Adams played Maxwell Smart, a secret agent who was anything but. Under the guidance of his long-suffering Chief (Edward C. Platt), and catty partner Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon), Smart spent the show bumbling his way through the conspiracies of KAOS and saving the day despite himself. Created by Mel Brooks (THE PRODUCERS) and Buck Henry (THE GRADUATE), the series was marked by the pair's shrewd satire, wonderful sense of the absurd, and vaudevillian dialogue. The show's trapdoor telephone booth, phone shoe, and brassy theme song remain indelible pieces of classic television. This collection presents GET SMART's complete first series.


Has anyone other than me had their order cancelled because their card mysteriously wasn't submitted properly ... even though their bank says there was plenty of funds and their secondary check cleared it ok .... I have suspicions about this company .... will know further in the morning ..

Noooooo! I just bought this last week, for what I thought was a great price of £11 odd.... bah!

Ah well...

Excellent price, hot from me! It's brilliant!

Edit: Actually, it's showing as Out of Stock at the moment... sorry op!

looks like this company made a mistake and then tried to cover it up

I'd stay well clear of these amateurs in the future


Well I just ordered 2 sets when site was showing "Availability: 10 In Stock."

Now says:

"Availability: 8 In Stock. Usually Dispatched within 24 hours. Your card will not be charged until we dispatch"

So will wait & see.
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