Unfortunately, this deal is no longer valid
Get Spotify for £8~ for 3 months or £2.8 for 1
-146° Expired

Get Spotify for £8~ for 3 months or £2.8 for 1

Posted 14th Nov 2014

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

To get this deal you will need to change your country to Malaysia or Philippines(To make it even cheaper) Philippines wasn't working for me so i used Malaysia instead and it worked.


First get hola.org/ and add it to your browser this will help you changing your country to Malaysia later.

Second part is to go here
spotify.com/my-…ew/ now you should change your country to malaysia in hola and if you have any credit card or paypal recurring payments you should delete them, now go to edit profile and change your country to Malaysia and click save profile.

Now the main part go to spotify.com/my-…rd/
and select your package 1-3-6 or 12 fill in the details with your email address that your going to use in the recipient address rest you can fill with anything and make date with the current date now you can pay by credit/debit and it should be successful and just click the redeem link.

The final part is just turning of hola and going back to your profile and changing your address back to uk

i tried to get Philippines to work but kept rejecting my card
if you need any help i can gladly help
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Jesus, it's easier to just move to Malaysia isn't it?!

Jesus, it's easier to just move to Malaysia isn't it?!

Fantastic comment, absolute Gold.
Cold, no Taylor Swift
Cold. Too much hard work.
Why do I get it free?
What you doing wrong?
Hmm, or 3 months free with Google Play Music - which should I choose?
It almost seems like listening to an advert every now and then is less effort.
Thanks for the link to Hola. Ive been living in France for 5 months without English tv . I can now at least watch online demand channels.It works a treat.
Thanks! I had some problem changing my country in Spotify but eventually got it to change. Bought a gift card and redeemed it. Working fine.
Thanks Poison for confirming i don't know why a few minutes of setting it up is such a problem you save over 20£ anyway I'm gad its helped a few people and that whats the sites about
Mmmm. 12 months for about £30 is more worth while.
It worked I got 6 months for under £18 thanks
This work ok in long run?
working so far 6 months now
How the hell do you get it to change country in profile - mines is locked out and just refers me to some help page which is useless as says I need to enter payment details in that country
you must delete ur card details
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