Get "The Guardian Weekly" free for four weeks
Get "The Guardian Weekly" free for four weeks

Get "The Guardian Weekly" free for four weeks

The Guardian Weekly offers a unique blend of international news, politics, culture and comment, combining articles from the Guardian with selected features from the Observer, The Washington Post and Le Monde. Five reasons to subscribe to the Guardian Weekly

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"4-week no obligation free trial" but you have to hand over money - i.e. subscribe to be eligible. You can cancel later - but might forget! Cold.

Original Poster

Yes good point - don't you just hate it when you go into the newsagents and buy a newspaper then realise once outside you forgot to take it out the shop.

I remember once buying a bus ticket - then amazingly realised I was just sitting on the road as I forgot to get on the bus.

Sorry - look at the deal as a special deal - one that is only for people who are not village idiots.

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