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Get Three 5G Home Broadband Unlimited - Free For 3 Months, Then £20 Per Month (24m) - £420 @ Three

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Slight variation on what three have offered before, now 3 months free, and 21 months at £20

  • Cellular Connectivity: Mediatek T750
    Wifi Connectivity: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax (WiFi 6), dual-band, 2x2 MIMO
  • Wifi Connectivity: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax (WiFi 6), dual-band, 2x2 MIMO
  • Ports: 2X2.5GB Ethernet, 1x USB
  • SIM Type: Micro SIM
  • Indicator Lights: Power, SMS, Signal Strength, Internet, Wifi/WPS
  • Buttons: WPS, Power, Reset
  • Mobile App: Three Broadband 5G
  • Speed Info: Device Theoretical Max – 4.7Gbps Download (Three UK Network – Up to 1Gbps)
  • The Quick Start Guide incorrectly lists an Ethernet Cable as supplied in the box. You won’t need an Ethernet Cable to set up our plug and play 5G Home Broadband and we are in the process of correcting the Quick Start Guide for future deliveries.

5G Home Broadband• Average download speeds of 150Mbps [1]
• Truly unlimited data
• No landline. No engineer
• Plug and play setup
• Near-instant downloads
• 4K streaming
• 24-month contract

Can I get Unlimited data on a Home Broadband deal?
Yes - as much data as you’ll ever need with a 4G Hub or 5G Hub. And you don’t need a landline or fibre optic cable to get connected, because our wireless broadband uses our network signal.

What is 5G Home Broadband?
5G Home Broadband gives you faster speeds for heavier streaming. It also means you get less lag for your gaming and increased capacity for multiple users. It’s perfect for busy homes with lots of screen time going on.

Our 5G is super-fast! As our 5G service is transmitted over the air, the speeds you will receive can vary due to a number of factors such as your location, the number of users in your area, the position of your router in your home and local geography. With a 30-day money back guarantee you can see how fast our service is worry free!
Three More details at Three

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    Does anybody know how to go about cancelling? I’ve been with them 11 months and despite the speed being fine, the unreliability / # of drop outs unfortunately is not. So time to give my 30 days notice
    Stick the sim in a phone
    text "PAC DDMMYY" to 65075
    The DDMMYY is you dob
    You will see them begging you .
  2. Avatar
    We have this in a strong 5g area for three. It worked beautifully for two months then suddenly started dropping out for four or five times a day, to the point I keep my phone on my SIM data so that others in the house can use the WiFi. The only fix is switch on / off WiFi and occasionally take out the SIM and do a reset. So I would overall recommend but warn you it is not perfect by any means.
    I set my to reboot every night (option available in the settings) and found it’s 99% stable for a family of 7 with multiple gaming and TV streaming. Putting it in a high window and disguising it, not easy!


    This is covered by a Roman blind and the cables run into the loft.


    I’ve since painted the cables. (edited)
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    Imagine buying a broadband contract without using a cashback site...
    £51 cashback for this deal through Topcashback
    £60 cashback for this deal through Quidco
    My son signed up for this deal (half price 6 month) back in October - £70 Topcashback paid in December - he'd only paid £20 at that time.
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    Little tip, if you put in your postcode and it don’t say you are in a 5G area use a postcode like CF24 4AN. It will then allow you to add the 5G router to basket and put real postcode in at checkout.

    Even though it may say you are not in a 5G area at present the chances are you will be. This is being rolled out weekly with Three and they are carrying out a lot of mast upgrades at the moment. (edited)
    Thanks, I've had three 5g near my house for like 10 months now but still can't order one of these. I even contacted support but they refuse to sell you one of you're not on the system
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    pretty good deal. I bought a 4G router on amazon for £150 and a sim card from SMARTA for £15. Which is £510 for 24 months
    Yeah but you keep the router with three u don't keep it
  6. Avatar
    can these and the 4g routers be forced into modem mode ?
    I believe you can - it's called ip passthrough on the settings. Lots of info in this thread - ispreview.co.uk/tal…-14
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    Had mine for 18 months, I get 5-700mb solidly, luckily I'm line of sight to a mast. Couple of things to note:

    1. Set it to reset each night, the speed degrades over time to about 3-400mb, however when you reboot it shoots up again.

    2. If you work from home and use Pulse Secure forget this, it's gash as it doesn't have the option for a fixed IP address. No issue with Nordvpn however.

    Remember you have a cooling off period of 14 days so give it a spin BEFORE binning your current provider and see if you get decent results.
    I assume you mean 500-700Mbps (not anywhere from 5 to 700)?
  8. Avatar
    Sadly 3 is terrible where I'd use this - slow on 4G let alone get 5G....
    I think it depends on your area.

    My 3 unlimited gets 250Mbps, so this would be a decent option for me.
  9. Avatar
    Bought one of these for my kitchen, but still getting condensation every morning, any ideas?
    You fool!
    It's an air purifier - not a dehumidifier!
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  11. Avatar
    I've moved over Three 5g home broadband on a full time basis for about 2 years and it's been great! I'm capped at 60mb in my flat which is too slow for the demand in this era.
    I purchased a 2nd hand Huawei 5g router and a sim only (currently on £8pm deal after cash back) and I get around 400-500mb constantly and I hardly have any downtime.
    I could have upto 10 devices online at one time.
    I have found the key to keeping uptime is scheduling a daily reboot at night to keep it fresh for the whole day, this technique has worked for me for 2 years.
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    It's stupid to take a 24 m contract these days with price increases you get hit with admittedly the increase on three was 1 third that of vodafone
    Was - it will be exactly the same for contracts taken now (Three abandoned the fixed increase in favour of the CPI + 3.9%).
  13. Avatar
    I don't get high speeds in my area and after seen this Three home broadband I decided to try it. I am really surprised with how stable it has been so far. I get between 130-160 and uploads are really fast too (over 80). If you don't want to get tied in a contract you can take it on monthly basis £24p/m.
  14. Avatar
    Quick reminder everyone ' the router remains Three's property when ever you stop the contract' you will have to send the router back to Three when you stop the direct debit. Failure to return, will incurr in hefty router charges.
    Only for 5g router Tho. 4g devices becomes yours
    From what I read, the hefty charges are only a late return fee - you still don't own the router!
  15. Avatar
    49436555-vuPuG.jpgIf you are lucky effort to be nearish to a mast I think it's an amazing service, stupid fast and cheap (edited)
    Whats the latency like?
  16. Avatar
    Does this provide an improvement on simply tethering your phone to the device using a HotSpot as I have the unlimited Three SIM
    Well it won't knacker your phone battery after a few months so there's that
  17. Avatar
    Avoid this if you intend to game - Good speeds but awful ping (plus a lot of drop outs). Can't be fixed either, tried ethernet, changing servers etc - no way around it
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    Go for the 1 month rolling, much better for £24 and see how you like the broadband. I had to order it to another address as it said I didn't have 5G, but guess what 3/4 bars 5G and 400-500mb speed.
    Why not take advantage of the lower price? You can supposedly cancel in the first 30 days (likely to have the same issues cancelling on either, so may as well spend less to be tortured)!
  19. Avatar
    49434828-OnZuA.jpgWith smarty 5g sim £15 pm not too bad
    Do the same test at 6pm Paul. You are lucky to have 5g access though, if you're on Three's 4g out of town the capacity sucks in the evening. I've had consistant 200Mbps at 2am on 4g and less than 1Mbps at 6pm connected to the same mast. (edited)
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    Buy a China unicom vn007+ like me then

    £130 (edited)
    Hiya , What sim are u using with it ? Work fine ?
  21. Avatar
    I tried this for 2 months alongside my BT FTTC line (10 down, 2 up) to ensure stability. It has been fine. Speed averages around 700 down, 90 up, 15ms latency. It was a vast improvement for me and there is no FTTP where I live and doubt there ever will be. So a good solution for some.

    49440974_1.jpg (edited)
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    Recommend buying the rolling contract first at £24 a month, easy enough to send back if it doesn't work for you.

    I ended up finding an optimal spot and get about 350mb down, 30mb up, been pretty realiable. Every now and again it does just lock up for 10 minutes and provides no data even though it's still wirelessly connected, quick reboot fixes it. It's a firmware issue.
  23. Avatar
    Does this make it portable if on mobile network, can you take it to student flat then home etc
    With a few regional exceptions, yes. Most people would get a router and a regular Three 5G SIM that works on the national mobile network and will connect anywhere that you can get Three signal.

    The most notable exception would be if you sign up in the Swindon area. They have their own special network rather than the Three mobile network. You have to be in range of that specific network and will connect by a small antenna that's installed on the side of your house. So no portability there.
  24. Avatar
    Does this have an RJ11 Telephone port?

    The idea being that if you have an unlimited everything SIM you can make calls on it if you have a old school phone connected to it.
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    Three is an interesting company, doesn't have coverage in Waterloo station, Richmond, most of Heathrow Airport, even in bloody Covent Garden. I can often see 5G but not even get a tiny movement in data, LTE or 3G with decent coverage would work better. My business phone is in Vodafone, personal on Three. Quite often I end up opening a personal hotspot from my VF phone to connect my three to Internet. My wife hates me because I moved her from Vodafone to Three in contract renewal. All in all, putting a Three device at home for broadband would be equivalent of sending divorce papers to wifey.
    Ditto and actually would say the same with EE. Vodafone seems to be consistent.
  26. Avatar
    Just remember you can try it for free and cancel within 30 days with no penalty. I know, because that's exactly what I did when it hit <1mbps speeds at 6pm nightly.
  27. Avatar
    would this be decent for gaming and reliability? I have a bunch of stuff constantly connected to the router - like ring or nest, and currently on vodafone 900 @ 29, which seems not bad but recently been getting speeds closer to 150 (where minimum they say should be 450 or so) - so I am wondering if that would be any better as I have decent 5g at home with three (usually about 300-500mbps) and I could try to get myself out of the voda contract for them not meeting their minimum speeds.
    If you're a competitive gamer for things like fast paced or first person shooters and the like - No.
    5G is often useable for this, but by the nature of mobile broadband ping/latency is very variable and is no replacement for a fixed fiber line.

    If it was just for basic internet use, browing the web, streaming videos, Skype, downloading games etc. then I would say yes. It's often great speed and reliability for the price if you have good 5G coverage where you live. But since the first question you asked was gaming, I would be inclined to say stick with Vodafone - But maybe consider a new router as that accounts for about half of the complaints about Vodafone's broadband.
  28. Avatar
    I am getting over 350mbps with Three and it's far better than Virgin Media.
    The only thing that is not good is the length of the contract. I bought a router on eBay for £150 and I have a £17 UNLIMITED contract and it works like a treat.

    One thing I will add is to use the router next to window. And use the router as modem install a router like AC5400 I have installed LINKSYS EA9500 and the WiFi signals are top notch all around the house. (edited)
  29. Avatar
    You can pick one of two routers? Which is best?
    The ZyXEL on the right would be the best one to get as long as the 5G Signal is strong where you live.

    If you're in a weak signal area right on the edge of coverage the ZTE On the left is better in that sense, but is older with less features overall.
  30. Avatar
    Topcashback of £60 if no-one has already mentioned it...
  31. Avatar
    I got this even though not quite 5G in area yet and getting 150mbps on 4G+ with the other £10 month deal for 6 months then £20
  32. Avatar
    This is a good deal depending whether your area gets a good signal or not. The picture shows my speeds with a wired connection. Wireless usually around the ~300 download mark.
    How's the ping?
    I used to get 1gbps but takes ages to load a page.
  33. Avatar
    I have 2 bars of 5G on phone , what speed I would get on broadband ? Thinking to get this and cancel virgin .
    Is your phone on Three? Do a speed test on Three 5G With your phone near a window that gives you the best signal to find out. Then you can expect these speeds or better.

    Mobile broadband is variable by nature of it's technology. It's impossible to say what speeds you can get. You may be getting less than 100, or you may get faster than gigabit. The plus side is that there's both a 14 day cooling off period and 30 day money back guarantee if you're not happy.
  34. Avatar
    Previously with plusnet on the outskirts of Sheffield struggling with 26mbps average. A few years ago my speeds were 40mbps average but they've built a lot of new housing and I'm guessing that's why my speeds dropped. I bought myself a used ZTE 5g router from CEX for £130 and Installed a Smarty £16 Unlimited sim now my speeds have shot up even been on the very edge of the 5g network. 49440213-s5zPB.jpg
  35. Avatar
    I have this , its amazing for what it is, iWork in a cabin down the garden - works a treat
  36. Avatar
    Strangely, even though this device works on both 4G & 5G, they wont sell it to you if your area doesn't have 5G (even if it is coming to your area). You can only buy the 4G one which is more expensive.... go figure.
    Seems the way round this is to use a false postcode!

    People have been using CF24 4AN to progress. Then once at the pick your package screen, copy and paste the url in to a new browser window. Apparently it mutters something about no postcode provided but then it works. Haven't tried this personally so be interesting if anyone has successfully used this method.

    Not sure if this will break the 60 cashback from TCB, but worth a try (edited)
  37. Avatar
    Thought 3 had brought out a dehumidifier for a moment then
  38. Avatar
    I have this and I am pleased with the proformance, try it and send it back if it does not do what you are expecting - beaware you will pay an extra 13.9% from April and no you can't cancel due to price rise it's on the T&C's.
    Its not 13.9%, its CPI+3.9%. The bit where its says 13.9% on the contract is an example.
  39. Avatar
    I tried to cancel a contract within 5days of it starting . They eventually cancelled it on the day the cooling off period was over and tried to bill me for the whole 24 month contract. Absolute scammers.
  40. Avatar
    Awful. Just got rid after two years of dodgy WiFi always on the blink. Never again.
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