Get tomorrows Daily Express for half price at just 45p

Get tomorrows Daily Express for half price at just 45p

Found 1st Apr 2016
Tomorrow, you can get the Daily Express for half the price, that's just 45p as an alternative to 90p. Packed with the latest news, sport, entertainment and lots more including a television magazine for the week ahead with celebrity interviews. Plus in tomorrow's paper there is a voucher for the paper on Sunday (Sunday Express), which will be 70p as an alternative to £1.40.
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Good God - is there really anyone under the age of 70 still reading this trash? The Mail's bad, but this drivel's even worse!

Shock Horror - Diana could be found alive in arctic blast about to hit the UK
Great price - for toilet roll
It's the Daily Mail with all the sensible bits taken out.
Cold - Another right wing comic.
Best thing about the Daily Express was Rupert Bear.
I understand the Daily Express may not be to everyone's taste, mine included, however I felt it would only be right to publish this offer after seeing it on a TV advertisement to inform people who do like this paper that there is this offer. Surely if there was an offer on a paper/magazine that you liked, you would want people to publish the offer that I had found so that you can get it for the best price possible?
This paper’s boring mindless mean
Full of pornography the kind that’s clean
Where William Hickey meets Michael Caine
Again and again and again and again
I’ve seen millionaires on the DHSS
But I’ve never seen a nipple in the Daily Express
Entertainment section??????????????
I see the Sun readers (and I say 'readers' very loosely) are out in force.Are there no cartoons on Sky tonight ladies?

Edited by: "CoolElectronics" 1st Apr 2016
I'm tempted, but it depends what the headline is -

Hottest summer ever / coldest summer ever
Everybody wants to leave the EU (cos we asked 5 people who want to leave the EU)


Hotter summers if we leave the EU and stop those nasty immigrants coming over here and stealing our Statins, Diabetes, and of course our Pensions
why does anyone pay anything for yesterday's news printed?

I'd stick to toilet paper, this stuff will make u bleed … I'd stick to toilet paper, this stuff will make u bleed

I take it you've finished reading your copy of the Beano then?
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