Get up to 90% off the price of selected courses with

Get up to 90% off the price of selected courses with

Found 23rd Sep 2008…ale

The ICS End of Season sale is now underway with up to a MASSIVE 90% discount available on selected courses. View the courses below and get in touch to make fantastic savings on a range of specially selected courses. More to be added through-out September!

We've slashed the price of 8 of our most interesting courses by anything up to 90% - all are now available for a INSPIRING £59.00.

See below to browse our range of discounted courses and click to find out more about that specific course.

*Please note that these courses are supplied without any tutor support or with any method of assessment.

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Travel and Tourism

Want to work in the travel industry? This Travel & Tourism course gives you the skills and knowledge you need to get a head start in an exciting and satisfying career.

Introduction to Health and Social Care

Looking for a career that offers worthwhile challenges as well as both personal and financial rewards? With ICS you can get the perfect introduction to the world of health care and social work.

Starting Your Own Childminding Business

With so many parents working, theres more demand than ever for childminders. And on our Starting your own Childminding Business course, youll discover how to give your business the best possible chance of success.

Introduction to Creative Crafts

Want to learn something practical and creative? On the ICS Introduction to Creative Crafts course, youll learn five exciting crafting skills beading, decoupage, glass painting, embossing, and how to make a delightful padded photo frame.

Pattern Cutting and Design

If you have an interest in fashion, the ICS Pattern Cutting and Design course can give you the skills you need to put your passion into practice showing you how to create beautiful designs.


Everyone has a friend with a dazzling and original dress sense and often their secret is that they make their own clothes. With our Dressmaking course you can learn how to do just that creating beautiful, individual-looking items at a fraction of the cost of buying them.

Passport into Travel

Want to work in travel, but dont know how to get started? By taking our Passport into Travel course, youll be getting a great introduction to this exciting, fast-moving business.

Signing with Babies and Toddlers

Whether you're a parent, or work with children as a professional or volunteer, our Signing with Babies and Toddlers course shows you how to support the development of children aged between 0 and 3 years, using British Sign Language.

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one word of warning with this company, there is no support on ANY of the … one word of warning with this company, there is no support on ANY of the IT courses they offer, also some of the course work is at least 10 years out of date. this has happened to my hubby bought the A+ in 2006 and the course work was dated 1998! all exams that were offered via a third party ( they dont do IT exams) didnt have any of the exams to cover the course work that was sent out. It took 9 months of constant phoning and arguing with them to get the 2006 version and even that still covers 1998 to 2000, There is also no structure with the A+ course, your just sent the books and a disc and left to your own devices. When we contacted them for advise they gave hubby the phone number and email address for the author she was not happy and point blank refused to help ( cant blame her) it did cost over £10 to phone her as she is in the USA.Personally i wouldnt waste my money with them and pay the extra to get proper support, modules etc

With this is mind it is a cold deal.

Thanks for the heads up!
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