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Posted 1 March 2023

Get Up To £100 Extra Trade In On Apple Products, Mac Mini 256GB £649 / £549 | Apple Watches £50 Extra | iPhones £50 @ Currys

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Some new trade in offers for apple products on the Currys site, as always best to go into store to do this as it is a lot easier speaking to an assistant and doing the trade in there and then, it will be a gidft card if doing in store, but this can be used towards your new Apple purchase

Currys will give you £100 extra for trading in and old working smart watch worth pennies for example

Click hereto go to trade in!

Apple mac mini 256GB £649 + £100 trade in boost £549, you need to trade in a working laptop.

Trade in an old working laptop for £100 off Macbook

Trade in an old working tablet for £50 - £100 off selected iPads

Get £50 off any iPad Mini or Air or 10th gen when trading in your working tablet or iPad
Terms and Conditions: Initial Trade-in value will vary dependent on device. Offer only available when you trade in store and online from 01.03.23 until 21.03.23.

Additional discounted values only apply when you trade in any working tablet or iPad and purchase an eligible iPad Mini or Air or 10th Gen. Trade In value and additional discounted value will be received via a BACS transfer if you trade-in online and issued on a Currys gift card if traded in via a store. Only one gift card can be used to subsidise the transaction. Offer not available in conjunction with any other offer. Subject to availability.

Trade in an old smart watch for £50 off Apple Watch

Trade in an old mobile phone for £50 off selected Apple iPhone

Terms and Conditions (Currys): Initial Trade-in value will vary dependent on device. Offer available when you trade in online and in store and continues until 21/03/23. Additional discounted values only apply when you trade in any eligible working smart watch and purchase a new Apple Watch Series 8 or Apple Watch SE. Trade In value and additional discounted value issued on a Currys gift card in store, or via BACS transfer online. You cannot use this eGift card to purchase airtime, or certain mobile phones and accessories. Only one gift card can be used to subsidise the transaction. Offer not available in conjunction with any other offer. If the device is bent, broken into pieces or any of the internal parts are showing, it is classed as 'Beyond Economic Repair' or BER. A device that is BER has ZERO value and cannot be traded in. Subject to availability.

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  1. LoveDeal23's avatar
    Just reliased that the RRP is much higher. Have they increased ipad price?
    saranyanpuvan's avatar
    Apple increased prices for the whole iPad range late last year following the release of the iPad 10 and M2 iPad Pro. Some third-party retailers maintained the old prices for a while, but most now match Apple’s current pricing.
  2. soguise's avatar
    Say my current iPhone valuation is £100 and I choose the offer to get an extra £50 on a new iPhone 14. It gives me the choice to get a bank transfer if I send my phone in. Would I get £150 transferred to me? And, if so, where’s the obligation then to buy the new iPhone 14 from Currys? I’m missing something here…
    a.198311's avatar
    They check your order with Currys Order, if you haven't ordered from them they don't pay you..
  3. bigblockofcheese's avatar
    Yeah. I think this deal works best with old tat that is worth zilch, being traded in and getting the £50 or £100 uplift on the valuation.

    I visited Currys in Croydon yesterday, 20 staff all milling around chatting but apparently unable to help, after half an hour finally got to speak to someone who provided a valuation on my iPhone 13 which is about £70 less than I'd get from an online site. Nothing on screen to show any uplift. Decided against it. (edited)
  4. wdh's avatar
    IIRC Currys official definition of “working” included the trade-in item being less than 7 years old. However it is always possible you might get lucky.
  5. bigblockofcheese's avatar
    Sounds good, but where is the £100 on the iPad? I can only see £50 mentioned on the site. Thanks OP.
    saranyanpuvan's avatar
    £100 off for the iPad Pro, £50 for the base iPad, iPad Air and mini
  6. lee73's avatar
    Looks like you can only trade in one item at a time / per new product and nothing less than 7 year old. Got a 21.5 iMac mid 2014, old but working HP laptop, an iPhone SE 2nd gen 64gb and an iPad 6 or 7 that I wanted shot of. I miss the good old days when they took any old rubbish off you for trade in.
    Jordan_Pearson's avatar
    The curry’s near to me, says no less than 7 years old but when I went in I took in an old Amazon fire tablet god knows how old definitely older than 7 years and they honoured it same with a Chromebook
  7. Trevbil's avatar
    Thanks Switchy.

    I remember this from 2020. Traded my old 2017 MacBook and got extra £250 trade in value for the M1 Air. Ended up paying less than £100 for a new Air back then. Air still going strong.
  8. pluves1's avatar
    Damn. Nothing off the base 2021 model - been holding out for this offer to come round again.
  9. 2minutenoodles's avatar
    You would get more by selling your item instead of trade in most cases.
  10. h4music's avatar
    Looks like it's trade-in season across the board... Nice find Switchy
  11. jwey91's avatar
    Just upgraded my old iPad, through this, thanks MrSwitch!
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Excellent mate
  12. themachman's avatar
    Cheers Switchy
    they'll give me £80 by the look for my AW3?
  13. willyvwade's avatar
    Feels silly that there’s a trade-in deal on Mac mini, but you can’t trade in an old Mac mini, only laptops…
  14. garyho1220's avatar
    Not too bad if I traded in my AW7 45mm for Ultra, £819-270=549
    ashraf86uk's avatar
    Damnnn I got a series 5 really want to get the ultra
  15. alhasa's avatar
    The iPhone 14 seems to be the only eligible phone
    HottUKDealer's avatar
    and any iPhone trade in has to be iPhone 7 or higher 
  16. spendHot's avatar
    Costco has better price. Currys Trade in price is max 100 with *conditions apply (edited)
  17. Dingo.Dave.69's avatar
    On the Apple Watches do you have to give them a strap too?
  18. t0n1b's avatar
    You can get a lot more from Apple Trade-In (Apple Store), although their prices may be a bit more expensive than Currys. Worth checking both though.
    wdh's avatar
    The point is that the extra bonus on top of regular trade-in valuation is what can make it worthwhile.

    Apple’s own trade-in valuations are poor compared to resale via for example eBay. Less hassle very likely when selling to Apple, but that costs quite a bit. (edited)
  19. Fien's avatar
    Liking the look of the SE. Extra £50 off brings it under £200.
    Extra features to the 7 or 8 don’t seem to add much for me.
    Happy to be advised different if people have experience
    rodman's avatar
    Link to that plz?
  20. AK_1987's avatar
    Looks like cheapest ipad pros all sold out? Do they come back in stock?
  21. seaney's avatar
    There valuations are very poor
    MrSwitch's avatar
    If you have a very old smart watch worth zilch, then you get £50 Off the new SE making that £199, which is kind of the point, getting old electrical recycled
  22. polak's avatar
    Traded in a 10 year old iPad valued at £8.. got £108 for it and managed to land the very last iPad Pro 12.9” 256Gb 5th generation at £1149, thereby taking the price down to £1041.

    I’ve done similar numerous times before and only really ever works out well when
    1. You manage to source an older model which is already cheaper than the brand new model, however specs aren’t much difference and don’t justify the price hike. Nb not many laying around.
    2. You have a battered old worthless one which you can get something back for.

    I’ve purchased MacBooks and iPads through currys using this deal many times over the past years and long may it continue.
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