Get Viva Pinata [Limited Editon] for £19.99 when you buy any chart xbox 360 game or accessory @ Wool
Get Viva Pinata [Limited Editon] for £19.99 when you buy any chart xbox 360 game or accessory @ Wool

Get Viva Pinata [Limited Editon] for £19.99 when you buy any chart xbox 360 game or accessory @ Wool

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Get Viva Pinata for just £19.99 when you buy any chart xbox 360 game or accessory.

GREAT DEAL - Add the X360 Play And Charge Kit for just £14.99 and get Viva Pinata for £19.99. The total price for Viva Pinata and a play and charge kit is then just £34.99 - that works out cheaper than just buying the game!

This is available online, and it can be selected in store, but Im not sure if the offer is available in store.

- Bryan839

WOW - Also works on the limited edition version of the game:
- Bryan839


awesome, thanks for the tip!

I think the offer instore is Viva Pinata for £19.99 when bought with any other game, and doesn't extend to include accessories.

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You are right, just been to my local store, where you can get Viva Pinata for £19.99 when bought with any other 360 Game, out of a specific list in my local store! All the games that could go with it were £40 games, making the total with viva pinata £60!

Online you can get it for just £34.99 with a play and charge kit, so it is a good deal.


sold out on the website
gonna try the store tomorrow

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Most stores will have this game in stock, My local store had 5 copies, and 3 play and charge kits, and its tiny. Its stupid that you have to buy for delivery to the store, the store I ordered the items to, allready have them in stock, but they cant sell them to you, until your 'specific items' come in! You should be able to pay and reserve and collect in store, if they have them.


I've put an order in with the play & Charge kit, willing to wait for the game, as long as it's here before February for my sons birthday.

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WOW - This deal just got better!

This special discount also works on the Limited Edition version of the game:


Add that game and the play and charge kit and get it for just £34.98!!

(The limited edition of the game is also out of stock, but it should be in by feb, most prob sooner - woolies always get things to me sooner than they estimate)


I did this last week (sorry, completely forgot to post it here!). Ordered Viva Pinata and the Play & Charge kit for £35, delivered to my local store. Did it through Quidco too which worked out at £1.75. Then sold the Play & Charge kit on eBay for about £10 after all fees were taken into account, bringing the game down to as little as £23 in the end! Oh, and when it turned up in the store, it turned out to be the Limited Edition. Bargain!

Welcome to the forums here Pab

MY order is still on back order, £19.99 off the website.

Viva Pinata [Limited Edition] Microsoft XBOX 360
Includes Viva Pinata Chart discount. £19.99
Tue, Dec 12, 2006 Back Order or Pre-Release

Sigh, Woolworths scam me again.

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Picked up my game and play and charge kit today, they sent the limited edition version of the game, so I was lucky.

this bad boy is still on, the play and charge kit for £14.99 and this game for £19.99 is £34.98 for the pair.

cancelled my hmv order as it has taken 3 weeks so far and not budged, i will be in woolworths tomorrow morning collecting my game and play and charge kit.

thanks OP.

Thanks for the pointer Bryan839 and update brum

just came back from real life shops, ughhhh. i remember why i buy online now.

picked up viva pinata AND saints row xbox 360

£44.98 for the pair.

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No probs, This deal is still on, and remember it works with the limited edition version, so go with that one if you can.


I cannot make this work online am i doing something wrong
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