get Wise Care 365 Pro 4.22 for free! @

get Wise Care 365 Pro 4.22 for free! @

Found 4th Jul 2016
Please note: The software provides a 6-months license and Free Upgrades.
Protect and Speed Up Your PC with Wise Care 365 PRO now! Wise Care 365 Pro can keep your PC at peak performance. It is an all-in-one Windows maintenance and optimization software which includes the fastest scanning engine. It is a bundle of important registry cleaner, disk cleaner, and other system utilities for your PC.

Containing all the features of highly-praised Wise Registry Cleaner and Wise Disk Cleaner, Wise Care 365 cleans disk and registry, supports one-click PC checkup, optimizes system and protects privacy. All that make Wise Care 365 stand out from other PC maintenance and optimization utilities available today. Easy to use and effective, Wise Care 365 is the best solution to improve your PC`s performance. Get Wise Care 365 and your computer will never run slow again!
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These "Speed Up your PC" apps never seemed to really do much of an improvement in the grand scale but turning off basic stuff makes it a little lighter.
It's a good program - been using it for a few months & no problems associated.

You wouldn't see it as your main defence/ cleaner - but seems quite effective in spotting things that need sorting out
There is nothing in the universe capable of keeping any Windows "PC at peak performance". The System Registry concept is so disastrously flawed. A fresh Windows OS install is the closest anyone will ever get to having a Windows OS "PC at peak performance"; the moment a user installs any Windows or third-party application which utilises Windows Registry is the moment "peak performance" starts it's rockslide to the floodplain. Windows is supposed to restore a damaged registry, but it doesn't. It has no idea as to which bits of the Registry are critical to the smooth running of processes. It's better and safer to do a clean OS install, download/install all crucial drivers/apps and then clone and store your hard drive.

A few natty GUI animations, sweat-drenched progress bars, statistical numbers, a smattering of prayers and a free trial period may lull you into believing a miracle has occurred, but, I assure you, it hasn't.

Without running a Registry "clean-up" option, try several System Registry restoration utilities and each and every one will report entirely different keys to clean up. Which goes to show why there are hundreds of maintenance utilities for Windows OS and only one for Mac OS: It's called Disk Warrior and I've only needed to use it half a dozen times over the past two decades.
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