Get your Free Orange SIM with £5 Free Airtime

Get your Free Orange SIM with £5 Free Airtime

Found 21st Aug 2009
Experience Orange for Free with this Amazing SIM offer.
No additional top-up is required to get your Free £5 Airtime!

Terms and Conditions
For full terms and conditions, please visit

Offer limited to 1 SIM per household.

To get your free £5 top-up, simply log on to and follow instructions
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been there done that got the tshirt cold
i posted this in my free sims + cashback thread

been there done that got the tshirt cold

Congratulations. Why cold? :thinking:

Congratulations. Why cold? :thinking:

It will heat up, is there a direct link to the free sims on orange site though?

the one i use is ]http//ww…nge
Looks good to me - here, have some heat :thumbsup:
i have these but cant seem to be able to registar on [url][/url] site down

i have these but cant seem to be able to registar on … i have these but cant seem to be able to registar on [url][/url] site down

I found that being on Virgin I can not get the site to open, I had to use a proxy server (Kproxy) to get the page to open
My mates on BT and had difficulties too with that site, im on o2 and it works fine for me
Ive got four but still haven't registered them , anyone have two already registered with credit they want to swap for four?
I received the Orange Sim Card through and the site didn't load for me and now that it has, it says:
You can not proceed!
# The SIM number you have entered cannot be validated online. Please call 0845-880-1234 and speak to an operator who will personally assist you with your voucher registration. Please quote Error Code #7

:roll: so I've just went and applied for the free sims from and I shall try putting those numbers/sims through once I get it :oops:
Got one of these sims a few weeks ago, I've been unable to get the £5 credit, or the £1 credit that Orange said would be credited to my account via sms.

As others have said in the past the simregister website doesn't work for me, error code 7. So I called their number, where some dappy woman told me I had the wrong sim code and there weren't enough digets, despite reading it off the packet, then the sim itself. She advised me to wait a few days and try again. Don't count on getting the £5 free credit that's for sure!
cheers dmh77
what do people do with their free cred?
you know you can run a free sim with £5 cred through quidco and Jamster and get £4.35 back.
anyone know what you can spend a sim wit £50 cred on(other than calls or texts)?
I was not able to login and register on that site as well, so I called the number and register by phone. It cost me about 15p but i ve got my £5 strait away
I got 2 last time round, having spent an age trying to access via proxy, eventually logged details only for it to come up with unable to register, have to telephone....

a complete waste of time!!!!!
I got two last week and registered one of them a couple of days ago. It said I'd be credited with £5 within 48hours and, on checking, find it is on my phone this morning. Now I've got to find where I've put the other one!!!
I found the other one and put it in my phone but no text or anything. I'll go into the Orange shop tomorrow and ask them to sort it. My son also got two and the text doesn't come up.
The link only takes me to the Orange homepage. And when I do a Google for "free Orange sims" all that comes up are the ones were you have to top up £10 to get the free £5.
Orange phone shop checked and said the SIM had been registered (not by me it wasn't). As I;d got the SIM from a third party (gomobile) not Orange itself, they couldn't help me. They suggested I contact gomobile so I've sent them an e-mail and await their reply. I know it's only £5, but it's the principal so watch this space!!
This simregister is complete rubbish. After finally getting onto it, it tells me to ring customer services for both sims. Just a big scam really
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