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Affordable computers for people receiving certain benefits
Found 25th AugFound 25th Aug
As part of a Government scheme, people on certain benefits can get refurbished computers at a relatively low price. With desktops starting at £99, netbooks £119 and laptops £149, t… Read more

Stop pretending that there is some government subsidy behind this. It's resellers of secondhand computers trying to gain an aura of respectability.


Not everyone (hardly anyone?) has the nous or expertise to pick out the "bits" needed for a working PC at a good price from ebay. The beauty of this is that they get a running certified PC already setup and raring to go. Its the support that costs the money the hardware is very cheap ..especially if its recycled from offices, who might give it away for free , as a corporate social responsibility thing . And to anyone who resents disadvantaged people getting something cheaper , could you live on 73.10 a week? no increase for 5 years. And someone whos claiming could easily have £250+ plus fact you'd be silly not to , you can have £15,999 and still get gov help. or more , if you're a Bank /Farmer /low wage employer.... (horror)

GG: I imagine full perpetual license, it certainly used to be. Unless Office365 is mentioned then no time limited license exists. Given the actual license cost to the refurbisher and the purpose is to learn what is in use in business it makes 100% sense. Update: Office 2010 is only available as perpetual. On one hand surprised they're supplying such an old version; on other it's the oldest officially supported on Windows 10 (so makes sense for Microsoft).


We at home cannot get these licensing discounts and will have to pay full price, one of the advantages of getting this deal is the neccesary and important software that's supplied.


1p is still more than "free", and similar MSO deals I have come across in the past were time limited, so only good for 1,3 or 12 months. Any details on the license in this instance?? TBF, there are still things that Libre Office cannot do with MSO saved files; formatting for address labels always come out wrong; but that is down to MS usual habit of "non standard" standards.

Free Tablet, or PC when you call Simplifydigital and sign up to a new broadband and phone deal from one of our providers (Prices start from as little as £1.75 for the first 12 months (line rental required and 12 month contract for broadband required)
Found 28th Jul 2016Found 28th Jul 2016
Charities and individuals on certain benefits can get a no-nonsense refurbished computer... All to do with the government digital inclusion programme. Eligible benefits include: … Read more

The main plus on this deal is the inclusion of office. However I'd still go via quidco / TCB and get that plus whatever vouchers or cashback the same vendors are offering and get a better PC from eBay.


\"THe pc includes a 15in screen and an 80Gb hard drive" ... jebus..! I reckon a good quality USB stick may be a better bet. Or why not one of the intel compute sticks, at least its modern. these sound like they are 7-10 years old. I bet the companys involved get tax vcredits and probably carbon credits for "recycling" computer tat.


take note you can get a cheaper better laptop online then this firm are offering without being elegible through state benefits,laptops are rubbish for the price beware look around first

FREE refurbished computer for EVERYONE when you sign up to a new phone/broadband deal from as little as £1.75 a month  at @ getonlineathome [line rental also equired and 12 month contract for broadband required]
Found 25th Aug 2014Found 25th Aug 2014
Available to everyone – Free PCs when taken with broadband from £1.75 per month for 12 months We've teamed up with Simplifydigital, the UK's digital switching experts, to bring y… Read more

They get the cashback (referral) fee that you'd normally get by signing up to said companies via cashback websites. The value of the computer however is far less than this, so they are profiting from your naivety in thinking they are giving you a free computer. Get the cashback by shopping via tcb or quidco and but the same spec computer and have cash leftover, bypassing this scam.


lol username


It's ok specs for a noob who just wants to browse porn all day


thank you do you know if you have to be on benifits to get it?


now how do i claim one of these benefits to get pro version please elaborate...

£24 desktop PC / £74 laptop if you take £2.99 a month broadband deal (if on benefits) @ Getonlineathome
Found 12th Jun 2013Found 12th Jun 2013
If you're on benefits, you can get a refurbished desktop computer for a one-off cost of £24, or a laptop for £74 - the only problem is you need to sign up to a broadband service fr… Read more
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Two of the comments were right on the money, no pun intended. It's alright talking about cheap broadband but the line rental takes it up near £ 20 a month, for someone existing on £71 a week this has serious consequences.


Move TO ABERDEEN!! 0.6% UNEMPLOYMENT!!(considered full employment in an economic sense)


I think the ISPs were limited to specific providers who were working with the refurb company. Sure, you won't be playing modern games on these machines, but I didn't think it was too bad as a "first machine" for someone who hadn't used the internet before - hell, the laptop I'm posting this from at the moment only has 512Mb RAM and a 30Gb HD. It works just fine for general web use, note taking, spreadsheets, and so on - and that's on an 8Gb partition running linux. I seriously can't remember the last time I booted into windows on this laptop. Sorry if you thought this was a crap find, but when you get £71 a week to pay all your bills, heat, and eat, you honestly don't have much scope for a better machine !


Thats total crap! Live down this neck of woods and tell me its easy to find a job, let alone commute to it when you dont drive.


Correction, sorry, Bt is actually a total of £261 at the moment but you get a free £40 sainsbury's card. But I don't think directsave includes their setup charge of £24. Directsave includes free evening calls. Bt have free wi-fi. If considering this scheme, you need to look carefully at the numbers of phone calls you make and when you make them. This could be the deciding factor. However I still think second-hand computers and laptops are easy and cheap to get and maintain, but maybe not for the elderly pensioner.

Windows 7 refurb PC, monitor and a year of web access for less than £60 @ getonlineathome
Found 9th Jun 2013Found 9th Jun 2013
£75 off the usual deal this June so you can get a Windows 7 refurb PC and basic internet access for less than £60. MILLIONS of less well-off families not on the internet are to be… Read more
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They pinched it off me lol


you and yours beginning just after noon on bbc radio 4 will be discussing this deal, i think.


Hi adam2116, How is this relevant to this deal?


with the jobs situation i blame the english language many people from eastern europe greeks, polish, romaninan etc learn english almost as 'standard' be it through movies, or compulsory english lessons etc as a result most have good enough english to be able to come to the uk and find a job be it waitressing or cleaning or being a professional optician, dentist, engineer, plumber, pharmacist, etc English being the 'universal' language means us brits in life dont need to learn german, or spanish let alone polish or greek the problem then becomes this just as an example if 100 dentists from romania / greece / wherver else in europe come to the UK to work as a dentist how many british educated dentists know enough greek/romanian to go the other way and work in greece? = NONE !!! this flow should ideally balance As tax payers we pay well over £50,000 for each dentist to go through university, the dental student also pays £9000 (to be £12,000) plus living cost and course expenses = £15,000 year so over 5 years each dental/medicial student costs us tax payer £50,000 and the cost incurred by the student to be is approx £80,000 not against people coming to the UK to work, most do a fab job and are brilliant, but shouldnt these jobs be given to the native british people first and only to employ and welcome people from outside the UK only if these positions cant be fulfiulled by UK folks? not only that people living and earning money from the UK are likely to spend the money within the UK and thus help support local economies


Ken I understand what you're trying to say .... it's whats affordable. another option is to buy a 3G usb stick or a Mifi and get a 3GB broadband sim from Amazon I've given up arguing too, it isnt getting us anywhere sorry guys

Desktop Computer £99 Notebook £199 @ Getonlineathome
Found 30th Jun 2012Found 30th Jun 2012
Similar to the Home Access Deal posted a while ago, But a little less strict, Simple... Refurbished Desktop with screen etc £149 or £99 with any benefits. And the same for the note… Read more
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Just bought a refurb laptop dvd writer, 80gb, pentium m, wifi, battery guaranteed and condition guaranteed for £89 delivered. Cold.


I agree, similar machines can be found on gumtree for around £40 Dell branded systems also such as optiplex etc. There are a number of companies that specialise in purchasing these from offices and refurbishing them, and selling them on or shipping them to third world countries.


These will most likely be old office machines which companies buy at £10 - £20 each and a 15" monitor is around £10 - £12. These machines are not energy efficient, very loud and generally around 6 - 8 years old. Good for someone with very limited knowhow otherwise avoid.


All of our computers are as good as, or better than, the specification below. You can expect to get: Desktop Computer: A refurbished computer designed to do the basics VERY well 15" flat screen monitor Keyboard & mouse CD drive and USB ports P4 2GHz processor, 1Gb RAM, 40Gb hard drive 30 day warranty, telephone helpline and a useful "Quick Start Guide" booklet Laptop Computer: Please note: Different screen sizes may be available. If you are unsure about what you want please call us instead of buying online and one of our support team will help you This is a refurbished computer designed to do all the basics VERY well 30 day warranty, telephone helpline and a friendly "Quick Start" Guide booklet Minimum of 1 Hour standby battery life Web camera either built in or included USB ports Celeron processor, 1Gb RAM, 40Gb hard drive

Desktop Computer: A refurbished computer designed to do the basics VERY well 15" flat screen monitor Keyboard & mouse CD drive and USB ports P4 2GHz processor, 1Gb RAM, 40Gb hard drive 30 day warranty, telephone helpline and a useful "Quick Start Guide" booklet

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laptop or Desktop for £149 even less for people with benefits and with 12 months broadband@talktalk
Found 22nd May 2012Found 22nd May 2012
Right I know this is not for everyone, but am sure it will help a lot who cant afford to buy or even get internet. I THINK its perfect for high school students. Charitable entrepr… Read more

Well, bully for you! I have a highly unstable 0.000000000000000000001MB connection which cuts out at LEAST 20 times every evening. Three phonecalls haven't sorted it... what do you suggest? Swearing removed in my OP? Well, that's highly amusing since I didn't even swear. I put the four stars there myself and censored my own curse!


nope? Spammed


How do you do that OP? I see the desktop for £99, and broadband for £5 a month, so thats £159 in total, where did you get the £149 from?


Well TalkTalk most definitely do not charge such a ridiculous fee as that! If you go over the limit, you get a warning. If that happens 3 times in a 6 month period they automatically add a £5 "boost" to your account which gives you a further 40GB, which you can then remove after 1 month if you want to.


Maybe not but I once signed up to something where they charged £20 + VAT per 100mb - so it is well worth checking out. This particular business made its money enticing people in with a seemingly unbelievable offer, then hitting them with these penalties and a £200 or so "admin" fee for transferring out.

Cheap Desktops & Laptops from £99 @ Getonlineathome
Found 21st Apr 2012Found 21st Apr 2012
You can get a basic cheap laptop from this site with discounts if you are on certain benefits. May not be the best spec but would suit first time users or children. I think it woul… Read more
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Thanks was thinking about buying one of these OAP who knows nothing about computers


SCH Trade also have Samsung synchmaster 17" LCD monitors for 30quid. Pick up a basic kbd & mouse for under £10 from anywhere.


I agree. Thanks OP. it's a long road on the site trust me.


Thanks goes to the OP for trying. Don't be discouraged from posting again :)


There are some old PC's still on the network where I work with specs like that, and they struggle to do basic work related tasks, don't bother, the build dates of our machines are dated 2006 If anything I'd say that company is playing on people who don't know anything about PC's

Get online @home....(refurb) PC for £95 if on certain benefits OR a registered charity. (£165.00 for anyone)
Found 30th Oct 2011Found 30th Oct 2011
A refurbished computer including the latest version of Windows (Windows 7) and a range of Microsoft software for documents, emails, messaging, pictures and more.

Well nobody ever accused me of being subtle X)


Fanboys of what? Non crappy computers? Think you actually meant wats with a t (_;)


usual fanboy tools who exist only their bedrooms voting this cold great deal for those who need it HOT


There no mention of it been starter edition of word in the comment and this makes big difference in the deal It may be obvious to you and me but this deal is aimed at new users that may be thinking they are gettting over £100 of office software Still great deal for £95 as you get win7pro as for your comment about asking to expire it I thought it was uncalled-for


:) This will be great for my Grandson his birthday soon & can set it up in the lounge to keep an eye on what he's up to, will be 14 november.. He's def so will we qualify for the £95 price?, Thanks for post op :) heat