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Gett:  £5 off your next 10 rides @ Get Taxi
Found 17th Mar 2017Found 17th Mar 2017
Get a fiver off 10 TAXI RIDES using code GOOGLE

Not bad but the offer expire in 8 days of activation! Hope this helps someone who is planning later on. If anyone want referral £10 off, pm me for code.


Used Gett app first time this morning and used this code - used in Manchester. Recently started in Manchester. Although didn't have to pay (with the code), the price was same as estimated what Uber would be. But with Gett its a fixed fee - you know how much it is before you start journey. So doesn't matter if e.g. stuck in traffic. It was only a short taxi ride so was all free for me.


This is a Taxi app for London Taxi's, way too expensive.




never heard of them

Free £25 credit with Get Taxi ** No personal referral codes pls **
Found 16th Mar 2015Found 16th Mar 2015
Free £25 credit with Get Taxi ** No personal referral codes pls **
** Please do not offer or ask for personal referral codes in breach of HUKD Code of Conduct guidelines ** Ok, so someone posted groupon deal for gettaxi credit and I realised that… Read more

This code has now expired as of Wednesday. Used it on a journey home after applying the credit on Tuesday. The code was live from Jan 18th to March 18th. For any future codes, you need to have your credit card registered for the coupon to be applied. You pay by card. If the fare was £27 including tip, your card would only be billed £2.


did it work


thanks, that's really useful. Just about to get a cab in London so will use it.


Had a very good experience with Uber in Birmingham. As others have said, city centre seems not a problem. The burbs in these cities are the issue.


£10 free credit  @ [London Travel Only]
Found 13th Apr 2014Found 13th Apr 2014
£10 free credit @ [London Travel Only]
Download and install the GetTaxi app on your smartphone, go to 'Coupon Code' under settings, enter the code LDN10 and hit the Confirm button. Go to Settings -> My Profile and c… Read more

Does anyone know how you actually use the free ten pounds credit ? When I click on book taxi it only gives me the option to pay by cash or add a debit card no option for the free voucher ??


Where are they then? Are you a rival or one of the complaining black cabbies trolling? I see you registered just to post this comment. Looks like a decent deal to me, which was also mentioned on the excellent Head For Points blog


TOTAL con - HIDDEN CONDITIONS to use of coupon - will not be honoured - ended up forking out the full cash amount. Best to AVOID this firm. Driver was very rude as well.


disaster of an ap. I used the code to get deal. ordered cab & ap just kept saying no taxis available for over an hour. so no chance to even spend the £10 credit. it wasn't even that busy with empty taxis waiting. just a way to get you to enrol. rubbish.


Only one code gets accepted - I used the five pounds code first so I wasn't able to use the ten pounds code. Only use the ten pounds code!!!

Get Taxi - Free £7 First Ride....
Found 25th Nov 2013Found 25th Nov 2013
Get Taxi - Free £7 First Ride....
I saw this on my promoted tweets, get taxi service with first £7 pound ride for free.... Works via an app available for all platforms. Might be beneficial for someone. Download … Read more

if you don't like the £10 minimum fare with the hailo app ,this is the one for you in London.


Its for black taxis in london i guess


That seems cheap.


And how many taxi firms accept it? Strange the web site doesn't mention that ...

Free £7 Credit At
Found 6th Aug 2013Found 6th Aug 2013
Free £7 Credit At
You can get FREE £7 credit at by using the voucher code 'BB7'. First make your booking/purchase and then use the code at checkout in the box provided to get the free… Read more

1st ride only.


That'll barely get you to the end of the road with taxi prices these days!!!


on the app if you just goto the "me" section and select "promotion code" you can add this to your account. I now have £7 credit, nice find Zombieman Heat Added!

Free £5 credit on GetTaxi (iOS/android/blackberry)
Found 21st Mar 2013Found 21st Mar 2013
Free £5 credit on GetTaxi (iOS/android/blackberry)
For these who don't know, GetTaxi is a service that lets you hail a cab from your mobile which also lets you pay using your credit/debit card. I've had the app for a little while … Read more
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Used my £20+ free credit a few times. The service is great, although the app is a bit buggy when you want to pay the driver using the credit. I think they need to declutter the screen a bit more too. NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY. I tried as an existing one and it won't allow me to apply.


Click a taxi for iOS is good and works in Torquay, probably available in most places... Shame all the best taxi apps are London only, that Hailo one looks really good but London only like this :( Thanks anyway OP


Pity it's only London or Moscow or Israel


"this coupon can only be used with your first ride." thanks anyway. worth a try, although i found Addison Lee more reliable and accurate with ETA, prices and they don't cancel 30 mins before after booking is confirmed the previous day.


also have 4 tickets (cannot be split) for The Odd Life of Timothy Green in Fulham @ 10:30am on Sunday, if any established* member wants them please reply to this post and I'll PM you then email you the pdf *By established I mean someone who's account is over 3 months old, has posted a deal and has 50 comments or more.

£10 free towards a cab with (with code)
Found 29th Nov 2012Found 29th Nov 2012
£10 free towards a cab with (with code)
Got this in my inbox today, great if you're in London and have a smart phone. Just download the app from the website, register with your mobile number and enter the code 'MRHYDE' … Read more
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Also interesting promotion ! Free first ride during holidays in most UK cities with Uber.Valid till the end of year.


Still works and taxi driver was happy for us to use it!


Got a 6 sweater black cab last night wish I had this then. From Covent garden to London bridge £12 That's good for the night time as prices are peak times after 8pm


mine says "This coupon can be used for your 1st ride only". thedeviants – i've used this a few times. you have to add credit card details unfortunately to order a cab. when you put in your order where when etc we were advised to add note to driver that this is pre-paid credit. app scans the area for the nearest available black cab, and you can see the cabs icons in the area moving in almost realtime. if none is available within say, 5 miles the circle goes further out. if you're lucky they'll come and confirm Taxi A will come with taxi info including who your driver is (photo etc) with an ETA. when your taxi arrives, the app beeps (sound is like a real black cab horn) and tells you it's outside. good points: – black cabs can go on bus lanes during traffic jams. – good if you are in central london where most ply their routes, esp after a night out. bad points: – not useful for short distances eg. 1-2 miles. i live in zone 2, less than 5 miles from covent garden and couldn't get a black cab at least 4 out of 6 times so far. – black cabs can pick up customers from the high street where one flags them. this means they might not be as bothered to come get you even if you've booked it a day ahead for eg. i had CS call me 20 mins before and saying they can't get a cab to come by. fair enough but i don't see how this benefits smartphone users. on the other hand, any time i book a cab from Addison Lee i get confirmation immediately, and it states the prices as well, at better prices most of the time (eg. from hackney to holloway was £11 after a late night out) and safe as far as minicabs go. – still expensive per mile. – no idea how much trip can cost. for eg. a trip from Bow to Ilford cost £20. On Addison Lee it'd be £11 flat. – no control of the route. eg we went from Victoria Station to east London late Sunday not a lot of traffic with the cab driver going all over, trip cost almost £40. hope the above info helps.


Question - for anyone that's used the service, how is this credit used? Is it automatically deducted off your taxi ride if you book through the app? And then you can pay the rest via card/cash? Just wondering the logistics in practice? Thanks

Update - Get further £5 if you get a cab in next 48hrs*. Download relevant app to your mobile and get £10 free credit for a London black cab
Found 27th Jun 2012Found 27th Jun 2012
Update - Get further £5 if you get a cab in next 48hrs*. Download relevant app to your mobile and get £10 free credit for a London black cab
Update* - Just had a message from GetTaxi stating that you will get extra £5 if you were to order a cab in the next 48hrs. Unfortunately, I was on another call so did not pay a lot… Read more
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I wish I had the right phone for this as now with the extra fiver it would practically get me home after a night out for a quid or two extra! :)


Hot but I don't live in London! Booooo x


You are quite right, the fare of these black cabs are so expensive


Does this work south of the river guv?


done, very nice :)