ghd IV Styler £77 @ Amazon

ghd IV Styler £77 @ Amazon

Found 15th Jan 2017
Think these are the cheapest I have seen.

I ordered the pink ones though for £115 which included bag/ heat mat.

Free standard delivery.
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Dont know why cold...


Dont know why cold...:(

same price lots of places and people are overly picky on here might be why cold votes


Dont know why cold...:(

I wouldn't worry about it - there are lots of twitchy ingrates on HUKD who contribute nothing but cold votes on things that they don't personally want or need or can't afford. HUKD would be much better if there were no cold votes - either vote hot or don't vote - cold votes are simply abused by those who don't think about how negative and deleterious their actions are to HUKD or who have axes to grind.
seems like a cheap price to me. sure my misses paid over £100 for some similar ghds
Great price and have some heat.

Ignore the cold votes, a lot of fuds on hukd who vote cold just depending on their mood

Just picked up a pair for my wife
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