GHD Rare IV Limited Edition just £102.50 with free delivery

GHD Rare IV Limited Edition just £102.50 with free delivery

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Found 19th Jul 2009
As the title says, GHD Rare mark 4 limited edition straighteners for the bargainous £102.50 (RRP is £129 so thats a 20.5% saving off the RRP) - and Amazon ARE a GHD authorised stockist so you can feel sure they're genuine.

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yeah mark 4 is the latest, can't wait for a version 5, though not sure how they can better these!
over £100 and all it does is straighten hair? and blokes get grief for waisting money :whistling:
£100 to make a woman happy with lovely hair is a small price to pay, men WASTE soooooooo much more money on things like flashy cars and mid life crisis purchases!
Dont these set ya house on fire?

Dont these set ya house on fire?

Nah, thats someone being careless with a box of matches you`re thinking of.
why is this cold?

why is this cold?

Hey, its a good price! Heat and rep.

Its probably blokes like me who think women who want these are mad :whistling:

BTW though, Ive just been able to get this from an authorized retailer for £93 delivered plus 7.5% cashback.

The deal involves slightly 'unusual' use of a code - i`ll post as soon as I get my order confirmation
£100+ for an item that is badly made and probably cost about a fiver to produce.:whistling:
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