Ghost In The Shell / Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence 3 Disk Boxset - £5.00 Delivered @

Ghost In The Shell / Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence 3 Disk Boxset - £5.00 Delivered @

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* Ghost In The Shell - Special Edition:

* 'Production Report: The Making Of The Ghost In The Shell' documentary (30 mins)
* Creator biographies
* Character profiles
* Theatrical trailer
* Manga previews

* Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence - Disc 1:
* Japanese or English (dubbed) Dolby Digital (5.1) Surround audio track
* Japanese or English (dubbed) Dolby Digital (2.0) Stereo audio track
* Audio commentary from director Mamoru Oshii and animation director Toshihiko Nishikubo
* 'The Making Of Innocence' featurette
* Foreword by Jonathan Clements

* Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence - Disc 2:
* Japanese or English (dubbed) DTS 5.1 Surround
* 'Face To Face' interview with director Mamoru Oshii
* Japanese trailer
* Sneak peek at episode of 'Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
* Manga trailers



I remember the 1st time watching this. Wierd stuff lol

Nice find! hot
I also really like the sound track!

This is a good price for one let alone both of the films, good find. Voted hot

Couple of excellent tracks in the soundtrack there...

Yoko Kanno, Origa & Shanti Snyder - Inner Universe
Yoko Kanno & Tim Jensen - Run Rabbit Junk

still love this even after watching it several times.. hot


This is a good price for one let alone both of the films, good find. … This is a good price for one let alone both of the films, good find. Voted hot

I saw these in FOP at £3 per movie individially, lots of other anime titles too.

quality esp the first for been so groundbreaking!

Great price H+R

I love these films, even if you cant quite grasp the concepts the animation and soundtrack itself is beyond belief.


Not the best film ever but it's well worth watching (that probably goes for both).

The book is excellent if anyone loves these. It has the story from the film in, plus a hell of alot more.

These are definetly in my fave movies list. The TV series was great too, a must watch if you like these.

I read recently that Spielberg was looking at making a live action version of this. All I can say is bring back the Tachikoma's!

Ghost in the shell was the last of great intelligent anime. (it also effectively ended the cyberpunk anime era which started in the mid 80's - basically consisting of extremely intelligent, ultra shocking and hyper action coupled with very strong and controversial storylines).

This, was unfortunately killed by pokemon in the mid 90's, and then came a barrage of digimon, yugioh, and now the embarassment anime has turned into such as elfen lied, bleach, death note and naruto.

Where the original ghost in the shell was extremely complex (the narrative actually warranted multiple viewings to get the whose grandeur of the scope), it was unfortunately quickly followed by utter garbage imitations like the matrix, and then shameless capitalisation in the form of innocence and the two following tv series seasons.

Anyhow, be as it may, ghost in the shell is probably one of the few (very few) anime which came out in the 90's that actually capture the magnificence of a movement which started in the late 70's, blossomed in the 80's, reached its zenith in the 90's and for the most part died before the end of the decade.

(Even the later miyazaki movies are not a scratch on ghibli's early work bar few).

Anyhow, the first movie is well worth a watch, the second one is more of an exercise in special effects than anything else. Those people who appreciate a radical anime which blurs the line between man and machine and what it truely means to be alive PLEASE apply.

The idiots who watch and think evangelion is actually anything closely resembling cohesive reasoning, or elfen lied actually has a storyline and a message, please stay away. And try to die.

While I agree with a lot of what you're saying MadonnaProject, there is still some of the more cerebral sci-fi animation to be had out there. It's not all Pokemon ****

I also stand by movies like the Matrix, while it borrowed (I'm being kind here) from Ghost in the Shell it is still a great movie. The sequels, well lets not go there. heh

Got both of these.very complex stories which wont be to every1 taste....I quite enjoyed
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