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Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut (PS4) - £11.09 @ PlayStation Store Turkey

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Contents: Ghost of Tsushima PS4 game
Fight as Tsushima’s last Samurai
Uncover the Tales of Tsushima
Battle for the freedom of Japan
Take on the Mongol invadersrk Horse.
Learn new skills to forge the path of the Ghost
Rally the island’s survivors and meet unlikely allies
Product Description
Defend medieval Japan in the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut PS4 game. The ruthless armies of the Mongol Empire are sweeping through 13th century Japan – and Khotun Khan has captured Tsushima’s samurai general. Only Jin Sakai, left for dead on the battlefield, remains: the Ghost of Tsushima.

Director’s Cut
The Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is enhanced with the Iki Island expansion, featuring a new story, mini-games, enemy types and more. It also includes the Legends online co-op mode, Hero of Tsushima Skin set, One Technique Point, the Charm of Hachiman’s Favour, a digital mini art book by Dark Horse and a director’s commentary.

Learn the Way of the Ghost
Honourable tactics won’t be enough to claim victory from the ashes. Jin must scour the island for weapons, allies and new fighting techniques. Forge new ways of fighting with weapons like the tachi, and use stealth to evade enemies and silently strike with firecrackers, smoke bombs and kunai. Disrupt Mongol activities and liberate the island’s towns to earn the name Ghost of Tsushima.

Follow the Wind
Watch your surroundings for smoke on the horizon or mysterious landmarks, and call the Guiding Wind to reach your goal. Seek out the Tales of Tsushima to uncover unlikely new allies and captivating stories.

Prepare for Battle
Different armour offers unique stats and advantages. Materials like bamboo or yew can help to transform your weapons or armour. Gather supplies at the Golden Temple, and uncover Tales to recruit new allies and forge powerful connections in your quest to retake the island.
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    Can I buy this using my uk account or will I need to create a dedicated one?
    Dedicated, and will need a special card
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    Does this have a next gen update?
    Yeah but the PS4 version runs at 1800p on the PS5 anyway, so the jump to 2160p is not that noticeable...
    The PS5 version does run cutscenes via the game engine (instead of prerecorded 1080p video), so that is a bit more noticeable.

    The PS5 version is 349.50 TL (£15.41):
    There used to be an upgrade path but I don't know how much it is/was in TL. (edited)
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  4. Avatar
    Great deal for one of the greatest games on ps4.
  5. Avatar
    An incredible game
  6. Avatar
    Is the game any good? Had it sat in my cupboard for about a year, I paid a tenner for it on Facebook ages ago and never touched it
    It's really good, I recommend it
  7. Avatar
    Absolutely stunning game with really enjoyable and deep combat.
  8. Avatar
    Very noice proice!
  9. Avatar
    Really want this, I'll wait for this price for physical.

    I've just started Elden Ring so that's the next six months of my life taken up
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    Wish it was this price on the UK store
    It can be, if you get a game-share buddy who chips in and you use discount credit.

    £22.85 Shopto + 19p PayPal, split 2 ways = £11.52 each

    If you game-share a Turkish account, the savings are incredible but it does mean 1 person has to play AS the Turkish account.
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    Better off just buying PS Plus Extra/Deluxe.
  12. Avatar
    Just so eveybody knows this game is in the extra part of ps plus but yeah great game for that price
  13. Avatar
    Better value to upgrade to ps extra in the current promotion and play it that way. No need to travel either 🇹🇷
  14. Avatar
    Started playing this recently on PS5 - great game.
  15. Avatar
    Was gonna say good price then realised its digital
    WTF, its still a VERY good price for digital...
  16. Avatar
    Already have Horizon, Witcher, RDR 2 to play before this - not enough time!
    Ghost is better than those three (edited)
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    Is this game free for ps plus subscribers?
    Plus extra
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    Was it not free on ps+ ages ago
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    One of the best story game that ive played in a while
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    A way of VPN'ing to get this?
    you don't need a VPN, just create a new PSN account with the country set to Turkey and you can access the store without a VPN.
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    Great game, but the fox missions are so lame.
    They're an extremely minor part of it though and worth doing
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