Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - XBOX360  - £15

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - XBOX360 - £15

Found 26th Dec 2006
Just back from my local HMV in Glasgow and noticed they were selling Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for £15 on XBOX360.

Bargain. I paid £34.99 for my copy last month.
Noticed that it is £28 on the HMV website though so try your local HMV first.

This is my 1st post of a bargain so hope it is of interest to someone.


In-store only then :santa: Thanks for the pointer :santa:

£17.99 at…58Q

for those that prefer to shop from the comfort of their own home! 2% quidco as well

Good price though at HMV so will be visiting when I'm next in town:thumbsup:

Bargain !

Thanks for that one!:santa:

Is this game any good? I haven tplayed any Ghost recon games before only rainbow six games

bloody heck games really get cheap, i payed £50 and i got a free wired controller, the game is really good, so real and very hard you dont get anything to regenrate your health, graphics are amazing.

There is a lot of extra stuff in the Game Of The Year edition which is £17.99 new in places (eg. So if this one is the old plain edition i'd leave it and get the extra content (maps/guns etc) for a couple quid.

Yes, I saw this also in HMV Edinburgh. It was the last one but I didn't buy it because as AMP noted you can get the GOTY edition for a few pounds more.

Looking forward to the follow up which is due out next Spring.

£28.99 now :-(


£28.99 now :-(

See post #2 ^^^^^

ok .. sorry didn't see :-)

Just ordered mine. Ta very much!

the games ok but on my RP screen doesnt look as good as i know it can be upgrading soon though 50" LCD here i come!

I bought this at in the sale, ive had it now 2 days and havent touched it yet still in the middle of rainbow 6. Both games have some of the best gfx on the 360.

For reviews for the game look at [url][/url] , there is a video review
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