Ghost Rider Blu Ray £9.81 @ Select Cheaper

Ghost Rider Blu Ray £9.81 @ Select Cheaper

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Found 6th Nov 2008
Hope this hasn't been posted previously
Seems a good price IMO

Extended Cut Version


Only 4p more @ Zavvi

and pray tell why would you want to pay 4p more at zavvi? unless there service isn't that great, anyone used them b4?

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why cold??

It'd have to be a lot cheaper to make this truly bad film a bargain on any format! I have never walked out on a movie. this one was the closest I'd ever come (and I watch at least two a month!). Only reason I didn't was that the person with me wanted to see how it ended.

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each to their own i suppose

I watched this the other day. Definatley not the worst film i've seen.

Voted hot for the blu-ray price.
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