Ghost Town DVD £2.93 in HMV sale

Ghost Town DVD £2.93 in HMV sale

Found 23rd Sep 2010Made hot 23rd Sep 2010
Cheapest I've seen this.
Remember peeps you're voting on whether you can get it cheaper not on if you like the film or not.


Loved the film, was tempted to vote cold after reading the word "peeps" in the OP:-) Just kidding, great film, great price, heat added.

watched this again last night, I think it is great. It is like an 80s style hollywood film, old fashioned in a good way. Funny and touching.

Excellent, and most importantly very funny....Classic Cinema...Yes Classic !!!

I'd rather die than watch this film again. However a hot deal none-the-less.

I liked this, voted hot.

It has Ricky Gervais in it so it's guaranteed to unfunny.

when i check out it shows it @ £5.99!

expired - it is now £5.99!

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Ah well hopefully a few of you got a bargain.
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