Ghost Town DVD (Ricky Gervais)  - Now only £6.95 @ Zavvi less quidco!

Ghost Town DVD (Ricky Gervais) - Now only £6.95 @ Zavvi less quidco!

Found 1st Jun 2009
As it says, Ghost Town down to £6.95 less quidco (Double quidco on Mondays!)

Hope it's of some use, checked price on find-a-dvd and better than the lowest on there!


In the comedy "Ghost Town," Bertram Pincus (Ricky Gervais) is a man whose people skills leave much to be desired. When Pincus dies unexpectedly, but is miraculously revived after seven minutes, he wakes up to discover that he now has the annoying ability to see ghosts. Even worse, they all want something from him, particularly Frank Herlihy (Greg Kinnear), who pesters him into breaking up the impending marriage of his widow Gwen (Ta Leoni).
More Details

* 12

Special Features:

* None Listed


* Region 2

Number of Discs:

* 1

Main Language:

* English


Good film at a good price. This was one of those films that took me by suprise, I wasn't expecting much from it but I really enjoyed it.

£7 is too much for a DVD nowadays. It's been at the cinema, and on rental for ages.

£5 for a Blu-ray, £3 for a DVD on sell-through and they wouldn't have to worry about piracy:whistling:
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