Ghostbusters Xbox 360 / PS3 £29.99 Delivered @ Gameplay !! (Pre order 19/06/09)
Ghostbusters Xbox 360 / PS3 £29.99 Delivered @ Gameplay !! (Pre order 19/06/09)

Ghostbusters Xbox 360 / PS3 £29.99 Delivered @ Gameplay !! (Pre order 19/06/09)

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This is an absolute steal for what i think is going to be one of the biggest games of 2009! Get it before it goes back up in price, also dont forget quidco! =0)


very early to pre-order....what if they go under?

Looks good.


But agree with above post.

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Newmann, Gameplay dont take any money from your account until the day of despatch so you do not need to worry!:-D

Isn't £30 becoming the standard price for most new release games on PS3? It happens with all formats, the games are really dear (£45-50) when the console is new then a lower price (£30) becomes the standard new release price. You can follow this trend right back to the mega drive days!

There's no point in pre-ordering a game that's 3 months away. Retailers will be offering cut prices and incentives up until the week before it's due out so don't waste your time buying it now.
As has been said already, £30 is a standard price for new game nowadays. By the time June gets here, supermarkets like Asda and Sainburys will be offering this game for £27 anyway. I can hardly see Ghostbusters flying off the shelves so you'll get your copy without hassels if you really want this game.

Really looking forward to this game but like people have already said it's too early to pre order this as I expect the supermarkets or other online stores having this for £26-£29 closer to the release date.

Play have in the past sent out stuff pre release in error - i got batman on blu-ray a week before it was released -(send in error early) so there are benefits!


Bad luck if you pre-ordered this on the 360........ its SONY Computer Entertainment has today struck a deal with Atari that will see Terminal Reality's Ghostbusters game become a PS3 and PS2 exclusive, at least for the time being anyway..

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