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Found 7th Jan 2010
More than twenty years after the first G.I. Joe action figure battled in the blistering desert of the backyard sandbox, Hasbro and Paramount pictures have teamed up to produce a live-action movie that weaves all the summertime battles you conducted as a kid into a coherent origin story.
Directed by Stephen Sommers, best known for directing The Mummy and Van Helsing, G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra promises to be an action-packed adventure that everybody can enjoy. Though written so newcomers to the franchise can easily understand the story, the film also has scenes for longtime fans of the extensive storyline, such as portraying the characters Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow in training, as well as the induction of Duke and Ripcord into the G.I. Joe team.

The film recounts the story of the rise of the threatening Cobra Organization. As if this weren't enough for the elite team to deal with, they must also take on Destro, the corrupt arms dealer. The G.I. Joe team takes advantage of high-tech military and spy equipment and travels across the world, facing familiar foes such as the Cobra Commander and the Baroness Anastasia DeCobray in their attempt to save the world from spiraling into chaos.

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Watched this te offer night, terrible terrible film. Special effects were ok but acting, plot, story was just laughable. Two hours I wont get back again.
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