Unfortunately, this deal is no longer valid
Giant gnome £25 instore at asda
-65° Expired

Giant gnome £25 instore at asda

Posted 26th Feb 2013Available: National

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

These are about 5 foot tall..

Great idea to annoy the neighbours

There 3 foot tall
- jensangel
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Clearly the trolls dont like gnomes although the website has sold out

and instore was doing a brisk trade
I love them lol !!! Took a photo with my daughter next to it !!!! Deff hot hot hot !!!!!!
Just the job to scare intruders
I'd love to get this for my Step-Dad, but my Mum would flip her lid! But am so tempted just to watch the fireworks....but I shan't, I shall refrain. Thanks for posting, did make me giggle.
Haha my nan got one of these today she decided its name was Harry and told everyone she could its name. There more like 3 foot not 5 foot
I want one as I love Gnomes lol. My hubby wont let me though. I do have a 17yr old with Mother's day coming up!!!
Nazi saluting Gnome!
Ah, I thought these were just part of the display! I want one :0)
They are 97cms

Ok not 5 foot lol
At minus 64 degrees I've demonstrated they trolls don't like gnomes lol
Also handy if you put him in front seat for the motorway lanes for cars with more than 1 person In
these are awful

my mother in law bought one when i was shopping with her. the whole store was pointing and laughing. defo not worth £25
seen them in foyer, not that i want one, what are these made out of? Are they heavy? as i remember once, i won one (a small one) from superpound and one day decided to give it a blast of water with the hose pipe and off it cracked up, never to be seen again.
how can any say they are horrible they are lovely grandkids love them
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