GIANT Gummi Bear 2.3kg £34.99 [Compulsory CrapWrap giftwrap - £3.99] @ Firebox

GIANT Gummi Bear 2.3kg £34.99 [Compulsory CrapWrap giftwrap - £3.99] @ Firebox

Found 1st Oct 2016
Thought this was fun.

- 2.3kg of sweet sugary delirium

- That's what 6,120 calories looks like

- 1,400x the size of a regular puny gummi bear

- Keeping dentists in business since 2009
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Voted hot never seen these before...Studio have a 1kg jelly baby, fried egg or jelly worm for £9.99 plus delivery if anyone is looking for a cheaper alternative to this one
Puke enjuicing


Heat added FD

...poor gummie X)
Gimme Gimme Gimme some gummy gummy gummy bears X)
yummy yummy yummy i got gummi in my tummy
Will you two stop saying "gummi" so much?
Rotting teeth
OMG, this is brilliant! Can't think I'd actually buy one, but now I know they exist! Have some heat
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