Giant Gummi Bears £29.99 @ firebox (smaller ones for £14.99!)

Giant Gummi Bears £29.99 @ firebox (smaller ones for £14.99!)

Found 10th Dec 2010
I know this might not be the last word in culinary refinement, but they look AWESOME!

I wouldn't recommend trying to eat one in one sitting though..

Quenching your Gummi Bear cravings is no mean feat when you consider how titchy the rubbery little fellas are. With this in mind, crazy confectioners have created a whole new breed of Gummi Bears, and by gum, they’re ginormous!

Giant Gummi Bear
If you’ve ever wondered what 6120 calories look like in chewy ursine form (and who hasn’t), feast your eyes on the Giant Gummi Bear. Standing 24cm tall and weighing in at a diet-clobbering 2kg, this gelatinous lump of yumminess is equivalent to 1,400 regular sized Gummi Bears. In fact it’s the world’s largest. The dentist will see you now…

Available in four mouth-watering flavours (cola, orange, cherry and blue raspberry) the Giant Gummi Bear is a fantastic pressie for anyone with Wonka-ish leanings and a sweet tooth of elephantine proportions.

Large Gummi on a stick
If you’re not quite up to the challenge of tucking into this record-breaking beast, how about getting your laughing gear around the slightly less ludicrous Large Gummi on a stick.

Still eye-poppingly, gob-droppingly huge (11cm and 225g), this flavoursome fella is mounted on a stick to aid consumption. Lollipops? Pathetic! Equivalent to 137 regular Gummis, it’s the ultimate mess-free mobile delicacy. And those are just the benefits beginning with ‘m’.

Unquestionably silly, this prodigious piece of candy is almost too good to eat. Then again, scoffing a single gargantuan paw is infinitely more satisfying than nibbling on a thousand bite-sized bears.

Over the years we’ve seen loads of bears we’d love to invite round for a bite, including Yogi, Paddington, Bungle, Rupert and our own personal favourite, Dani. But nothing, repeat nothing, compares to chomping on one of these squidgy behemoths. Bear necessities? Not really, but they don’t half taste good!



Must say, I got one of thes huge ones for my bday in August and, it took me so incredibly long to eat. I managed to chew through the head the day I got it, and I spent the next 3 days eating down to the top of the legs, then had to throw it out after the cat licked it and I didn't fancy running it under a tap to clean it.

Anyway, they actually taste really nice and they're rather cool and gimmicky, everyone loves boasting about their huge sticky thing amiright?

Complete waste of money imo but if you have more money than sense...

This must be so unhygienic - aside from using a knife and fork and keeping it in a large enough air-tight container I really can't see how this wouldn't get icky. Not for me, especially not at that price!

Interesting pub trivia: you can get gelatine poisoning if you eat loads and loads (like 1kg per day for a month), the protiens in gelatine extract good proteins from your body which causes you to die.

Voted hot, I'd dig one of these for christmas.
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lol 6120 calories imagine if you ate a bag of them

lol. £30 for a big sweet.

OK, it's fairly cool, but I'm not mental enough to buy one.

What an absolute waste of money, I think they're expensive too!

voted hot, awesome. I wonder if they do a gummi venus di milo

What an absolute waste of money, I think they're expensive too!

LOL!! Its a novelty item guys!! Geezo - lighten up

Oh, and don't forget Topcashback!!
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lol 6120 calories imagine if you ate a bag of them

Lol, the calories are wrong on it, it is a whopping 12600!! Saw a couple of competitions through the year for them...

Not just me that thinks this is stupid then.....maybe it should be giant humbugs this time of the year?


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What an absolute waste of money, I think they're expensive too!

Don't buy one then and move along.
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